Frequently Asked Questions - Interlibrary Loan

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  • If you have lost an item or it is overdue, please contact Reference Desk staff at 236-5205 so we can discuss the situation.
  • There is a fine of $1.00 per day for overdue items. Fees for lost items are determined by the lending library and may exceed $60 due to the cost of the item plus the lending library's "lost" fee.
  • Items may be renewed once, contingent on the lending library's approval. If item can't be renewed, you may re-request the item in 4 weeks.
  • Please request renewal at least two or three days before due date.
  • Request renewals at 2nd floor Reference Desk.
  • The loaning institution determines the checkout period. Generally, loan periods are one to four weeks from the time the library receives the item. Some items are not available for checkout and may only be used in the library. This restriction usually applies to microfilm and rare books.
  • Pick up interlibrary loan items at the First Floor Customer Service Desk.
  • When your item arrives you will be notified by email or phone. Please pick up the item promptly.
  • It can take two to eight weeks to receive an ILL item. Items may be checked out at libraries that own the requested item; some libraries may decline to loan particular items or items may be in high demand.
  • New books and audiovisual items can be requested using the Request for Purchase form. However, our budget or other considerations may not permit us to purchase every title suggested.
  • Genealogy items and family histories at other libraries or genealogical research centers.
  • Materials needed in less than two-three weeks. Let us know if you have a deadline to meet.
  • Books not owned by the Oshkosh/Winnefox Library System and published more than 12 months ago. You can check publication dates on
  • Audio-visual materials such as DVDs, VHS, Music CDs, Audiocassettes, Audiobook CDs that are more than one year old can be requested. You can check publication/release dates on
  • Note: Some libraries do not loan any audio-visual items. These restrictions are placed by the loaning institution and are not negotiable.  Video games can't be borrowed.
  • Census records and newspapers on microfilm may be obtainable. It may take more than a month to receive these items due to high demand.
  • Articles and other items may be photocopied but must be in compliance with the US copyright regulations (Title 17 of the USC).
  • While there is no hard limit, please consider limiting the number of items you request at any one time so that you have enough time to read, view or listen to the items you receive when item(s) arrive.