Murder Abroad: Cruise and Sailing Mysteries

Sailing to CapriMy Body Lies Over the OceanSanta CruiseDead man DockingDreamboatRansom at Sea

Adler, Elizabeth
Sailing to Capri (2006)
When English tycoon Sir Robert Waldo Hardwick dies mysteriously in a car accident, he leaves behind a note naming six people he suspects might have wanted him dead. Daisy Kean and P.I. Harry Montana team up to take the suspects--and also six 'red herrings'--on a fabulous Mediterranean cruise, all expenses paid by the late Sir Robert. As they call at Monte Carlo, St. Tropez and Sorrento, the mystery deepens. And the unexpected twists are just the beginning.

Allen, Conrad
Murder on the Marmora (2004)
Accepting a new assignment, one that includes keeping an eye on the Duke and Duchess of Fife during a luxury cruise to Egypt, ship's detectives George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield find their voyage interrupted by a murderer on board, in an atmospheric mystery set in 1908. See also Murder on the Caronia, Murder on the Lusitania and Murder on the Mauretania, all featuring Cunard detectives Dillman and Masefield.

Borthwick, J. S.
My Body Lies Over the Ocean (2000)
Amateur detective Sarah Deane and her husband, Dr. Alex McKenzie, return to investigate a series of apparent murders that occurs while they accompany Sarah's aunt on a luxurious transatlantic ocean voyage.

Calvert, Candy
Dressed to Keel (2006)
When a ship steward is murdered, Darcy Cavanaugh's amateur sleuthing turns deadly serious. She's barely had time to think before her friend Marie is declared a suspect and is taken off the ship for questioning. Suddenly alone in a sea of senior citizens -- plus one really cute but possibly homicidal dance host -- Darcy must solve the mystery before she, too, becomes fish food.

Clark, Mary Higgins
Santa Cruise (2006)
Embarking on a mystery seminar cruise during the holiday season, amateur sleuth Alvirah, private detective Regan, and their family members find their voyage overshadowed by a ghost spotting, the disappearance of a fan, and an unexpected storm.

Cohen, Nancy J.
Killer Knots (2007)
When Marla Shore embarks on a supposedly romantic cruise with her fiancé Dalton Vail, she finds mystery and mayhem on the high seas when she accidently receives a cryptic message that leads to the murder of a renowned artist.

Daheim, Mary
Dead Man Docking (2005)
When the pre-launch party for their cruise is interrupted by the murders of the cruise line owner and two additional victims, Judith and Renie prowl the streets of San Francisco in a case that is complicated by two fellow travelers.

Gash, Jonathan
The Ten Word Game (2004)
Hiding out from the law in a port city far from London, Lovejoy finds himself shanghaied aboard a luxurious cruise ship en route to Russia and a prisoner of a group of schemers who hope to use his talents to steal Russia's legendary "amber room" and ransom it back in Great Britain.

Gould, Judith
Dreamboat (2005)
Determined to turn her life around, shy Crissy Gregory signs up for a month-long, trans-Atlantic cruise, only to find her voyage undermined by a shocking international conspiracy, betrayal, threats of violence, and murder.

Hart, Carolyn G.
Murder Walks the Plank (2004)
Pleased with the success of her murder-mystery cruise, Annie Darling and her husband, Max, are suddenly on the hunt for a killer when one of the cruise participants falls overboard, the first in a series of suspicious deaths.

Hart, Carolyn G.
Set Sail for Murder (2007)
Responding to a former lover's call for help, retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins finds herself aboard a Baltic cruise, a voyage during which she realizes that she still has feelings for her former flame and that a killer is stalking her fellow passengers.

Hunter, Fred
Ransom at Sea (2003)
When a passenger aboard a Great Lakes senior cruise is found murdered, church group member Emily Charter teams up with her friend, detective Jeremy Ransom, to solve the case.

Hunter, Maddy
Norway to Hide (2007)
Emily Andrews begins to expect the worst when her transgender ex-husband Jackie is assigned to be her roommate for her Scandinavian tour with her favorite Iowa senior citizens, Jackie's new novel raises the ire of an ardent critic who turns up dead, and Emily must track down a killer.

Jordan, Richard Tyler
Set Sail for Murder (2010)
The iconic Polly Pepper, musical comedy superstar of yesteryear, is experiencing a bit of a professional dry spell--she can barely keep her bank account afloat, let alone her career. So when the nefarious Laura Crawford, scene-stealing former cast mate and perpetual diva, proposes a Polly Pepper Playhouse reunion cruise, Polly is on board, full-steam ahead. But she soon realizes that Hollywood on the high-seas will be nothing short of a shipwreck.

Morris, Bob
A Deadly Silver Sea (2008)
Celebrating the imminent birth of their first child, Zack Chasteen and his wife, Barbara, join the inaugural cruise of the Royal Star, the world's most exclusive and luxurious liner, but their dream vacation is threatened when armed gunmen seize the ship.

O'Connor, Joseph
Star of the Sea (2002)
In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the summer of 1847, a boatload of Irish refugees heading for the promise of America is stalked by a killer in their ranks who seems bent on some kind of revenge.

Rogers, Jane
The Voyage Home (2004)
Voyaging home to England from Nigeria after the tragic death of her father, Anne Harrington assists the dangerously ill wife of a stowaway and is haunted by guilt when her subsequent decisions lead to deception and murder.

Sussman, Susan
Cruising for Murder (2000)
Morgan Taylor, a hopeful young actress from Chicago, encounters her second mystery when she joins a cruise ship's entertainment cast, learning a little after the fact that the person she replaced had been murdered.

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