What's my next book?

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Literature Map
Type in an author and the website provides a "map" of similar authors (it's SO cool)!

Allows readers to choose books by mood/emotion using a slider bar (the no sex/lots of sex bar is seriously a life saver); books from a world map; and even has a listing of “quick starting points.”

Bookmarks Reviews
A centralized hub of literary/critical reviews for fiction and nonfiction, especially focusing on new books, rating them from PAN (deeply flawed/mostly negative reviews) to RAVE (compelling content/profound reviews).

NoveList (Badgerlink Resource)
Assists fiction readers in finding new authors and titles (If you like...). Browse theme-oriented book lists, awards lists and reader websites.

NoveList K-8 (Badgerlink Resource)
Just like NoveList, but includes books for elementary and middle school aged children.

The top ten books published each month that librarians across the country love.

Fantastic Fiction
Information on over 350,000 books and bibliographies for over 30,000 authors.

What should I read next?
Enter a book you like and the site will analyze a database of readers' favorite titles to recommend what you should read next.