Oshkosh Stories and Snapshots: Our Dad Had Been in Sunnyview Also

Our Dad Had Been in Sunnyview Also
Contributed by:  Sondra

I come from a family of 14 children.  I am now 61 yrs old.  When being a little kid, I remember our Dad would sit on a porch every night and drink a couple of beers with the neighbor.  The neighbor would always cough, we are not sure but, I believe the neighbor gave our Dad TB.  Eventually Dad had to go away to Sunny View San. in Oshkosh . There, he might have been there 2 yrs or less, I am not sure, but, they did take part of Dad's lung away.  I can always remember, talking to Dad through the second or third floor window.  I would show him what I did in school, etc. It was an exciting time for us kids, to go see our Dad.  Our Mom never had her drivers license, so our big brothers would take us there in our Dad's Hudson........lol   Finally Dad came home, and we had a normal life with Dad around again.  It was nice!!!  I miss our Dad tremendously, and Mom also, but some day I will see them both again........

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