Oshkosh Stories and Snapshots: Jeschke's Grocery and Tavern

Jeschke's Grocery and Tavern
Contributed by: Jean

One of my earliest memories as a youngster was when on Sunday afternoons, my dad would take me, and sometimes my brother, on the short walk from our house to Jeschke's Tavern on Rugby Street near Tenth for a soda. This got us all out of mom's hair for a while. And of course Dad enjoyed it too, as there were lots of neighbors who stopped there, especially on warm days. The kids would sit in a booth and drink orange soda, and dad's friends would buy us candy bars and other snacks. Most of these men were members of the Nestor Club with my dad. So many of these men have died that the club disbanded recently due to lack of membership. The Jeschke's building is now Jeff's on Rugby. A photo of the old grocery and tavern hangs on the restaurant wall.

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