Better Poetry, Better Life

Why dash off a poem, when you can write a poem that has the potential to change the world?

During this interactive workshop held in the library's Lower Level, attendees will enjoy creating poetry toolboxes filled with rhythm, meter, rhyme, tone, line breaks, fixed forms, and various other helpful tools to enhance our writing.

Participants will have the opportunity to write poems, share them with the group, and engage in discussions on refining our poems to maximize their impact.

Build a Simple One-String Instrument

Build a simple, one-string musical instrument in this two-hour workshop led by John Kestell in the library's Lower Level. True to their roots (the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia, etc), the instruments will be constructed mostly from discarded materials. In its simplest form, a so-called canjo, some type of metal container serves as a resonator, producing an interesting metallic sound. The necks can be fretted or played with a slide.


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