Strategic Action Plan Summary

Oshkosh Public Library Strategic Plan

The Oshkosh Public Library engages in an ongoing strategic planning process to help guide the organization in developing and maintaining collections and services that meet the needs of the community and help us to pursue our mission. The library conducts annual updates of the plan and assembles a public advisory committee when conducting major revisions. For more information about the library’s strategic planning process call 236-5210.

Our Mission
To help people find knowledge resources; provide free access to information; preserve local history; and create a vibrant community gathering place.

Our Vision
The Oshkosh Public Library will be a vital community place to find help on the lifelong path to knowledge.

Our Strategic Goals

Make a difference in people’s lives.
Attract new users.
Achieve better customer service by giving staff
new tools and training.

Embrace the digital revolution.
Enhance offerings on the library web site.
Address the community’s need for technology instruction.
Offer services that appeal to digital natives.

Make library use easy and enjoyable.
Make it easier to find what you want in the library.
Extend services beyond downtown Oshkosh to make them more convenient.

Mobilize resources for excellence and innovation.
Broaden and strengthen the library’s network of partners and supporters.