Borrowing Guidelines

Overdue Notices and Billing

Overdue notices and billing
At the library, it's all about sharing. Materials that are kept out for long periods of time are not available to other library users. A small number of library users (fewer than 1 percent) do not return library materials or pay for their replacement. To efficiently handle these situations and reduce the amount of tax dollars spent locating or replacing missing items, the Oshkosh Public Library uses Unique Management Systems (UMS) to collect charges for unreturned library materials.


  1. The daily fine rate is $.10 per day/per item for adult material and $.05 per day/per item for children's materials except:
    • Reference Material - $1.00 per day/ per item
    • Interlibrary Loan Material - $1.00 per item/ per day
    • eReaders - $1.00 per day
  2. The library will not charge fines for days when it is closed.
  3. The maximum fine is $5.00 per item for adult material except for reference and interlibrary loan material for which it is $10.00 per item. The maximum fine for children's material is $3.00 per item.


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