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The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow
Forgotten Seamstress
by Liz Trenow
Intertwining stories, one from the present and the other beginning in 1911, united by a pieced quilt.  Marie learned to sew in a London orphanage, and was selected to help with the work leading to the coronation of King George and Queen Mary in 1911.  When the royal family needs to get rid of her, lest she spill embarrassing secrets, she is hospitalized in a mental institution.  The quilt she makes in the hospital is decorated with clues.  Meanwhile, in the present, a young woman must help sort out the contents of her mother’s attic . . . and finds a quilt.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts by Joshua DavisEvery so often you'll hear about STEM or STEAM in the newspaper, on the Internet or even on the news.  This book shows how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) can change student's lives.  "Spare Parts" by Joshua Davis is the story about four high school Latino teenagers who came together as a group and competed against some of the top colleges in a national underwater robotics championship.  The four students, all who had entered the United States illegally, were struggling to find their place at the school, Carl Hayden Community High School and society (West Phoenix)  This group consisted of a JROTC cadet, a would-be gang member, a brainy nerd and a qentle giant.  Working with only a budget less than $1,000, the students build Stinky and compete against teams including MIT who is backed by a $10,000 grant from ExxonMobil.  Here's what one author said about the book "It will make you think hard about what it means to be American and where we will find the next generation of talents."  ~Chris Anderson.  Recently, a major motion picture starring George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The Hills are Alive....

The Sound of Music Story by Tom SantopiertroCan't believe it's been 50 years since this movie musical first appeared on the big screen.  "The Sound of Music Story" by Tom Santopietro gives us the account of how the movie came to be.  Read about the behind-the-scenes stories on how the movie was almost cancelled due to "Cleopatra" nearly bankrupting 20th Century Fox, the individuals who were considered for the lead roles and find out what the movie Von Trapp children are doing now.  An interesting tidbit is how the big city/name movie critics hated the movie, but the small time critics and people loved it.  The Sound of Music was the "feel good" movie that everyone wanted to see over and over.  This book is a definite read for any Sound of Music or Julie Andrews fan.


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