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The Knockoff

Just finish reading this book by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

Imogen Tate, editor in chief of Glossy has returned from medical leave and finds out that the magazine is no longer being published in print. It has become, an online magazine. Eve Morton, Imogen's former assistant, is hoping to push Imogen out and take her job.Though under Eve's direction, the company is becoming an unpleasant place to work. Employees are pushed to work through the night and nap in beanbags. Imogen finds she needs to learn about Twitter, Instagram and her iPhone. She faces the choice of packing up or take on Eve.

Under an Hour Books

Too busy to read this summer? Do look at the The Goldfinch's 700+ pages and think, "Why bother starting it? I'll never finish it." Ebook Friendly has a nifty infographic highlighting some books that can (potentially) be read in an hour or less! You can get access to most of these via our catalog in a variety of formats. I personally love the idea of a short read as a way to bust a reading slump or if you feel too overwhelmed by some of the Door Stoppers being published.


24 books to read in under an hour (infographic) | Ebook Friendly

Via Ebook Friendly

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