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The Cherry Harvest

The Cherry Harvest by Lucy Sanna


The setting for this book by Lucy Sanna is a Door County cherry orchard, but the focus here is on how people deal with challenges.  Tom gave up his University studies, including his new-found love of literature, to run his family’s orchard.  Charlotte, his wife, gave up life on a dairy farm, and still misses the contact with the animals.  Both they and daughter Kate miss son Ben, fighting in Italy in World War II.  The arrival of 20 German prisoners of war to help with pruning and later picking the cherries adds unbearable stresses to their lives.  

Brilliant Beacons

Brilliant Beacons by Eric Jay DolinEric Jay Dolin, bestsellng author of "Leviathan," has written this history of American lighthouses, "Brilliant Beacons: a history of the American lighthouse."  The author starts you at the evolution of the lighthouse system and takes you through the many political, military, and technological battles to build and keep these beacons.  The first lighthouse was the Boston Light and many communities after that fought for their own to help the many mariners sailing their coasts.  Readers learn how each of the wars had an impact on the lighthouses and also certain individuals such as Stephen Pleasonton who's management of America's lighthouse left them with inferior lamps and no upkeep.  No book on lighthouses is complete without the stories of the many lighthouse keepers, many who were isolated from others but put their lives on the line.  The keeper's job was usually passed down to either a wife or child when their life was taken.  In the early days, the keepers were also low paid and didn't have a pension.  In the early 1900's, George R. Putnam became the first commissioner of lighthouses and his tenure brought electrification which led to increased automation in addition to pensions and disability benefits for the keepers.  The end of the book contains lists of lighthouse organizations and museums.  Interesting historical read.

Catching the Sky

Catching the Sky by Colten MooreCatching the Sky by Colten Moore, is a powerful story of a bond between two brothers whose dreams were achieved through hard work and family sacrifices.  Colten and Caleb, Texas boys, grew up loving risk and became stars on the freestyle ATV and snowmobile circuits.  Their parents at one time filed for bankruptcy and moved the family numerous times to find work.  Caleb was the older one, better athlete and risk taker where Colten was the quiet, reserve and hesitant athlete.  At times it seemed that Colten was always in Caleb's shadows.  After achieving stardom in freestyle ATV, the two brothers turned their desire to compete in the ESPN X Games.  The only problem was they needed to learn how to do tricks and flips on a snowmobile.  Being boys from Texas, neither one had ever been on a snowmobile, but that wasn't going to stop them.  Tragedy does strike the family and Colten needs to learn how to step outside of the shadow of his brother.  Colten's story "reminds us that we can dream and sometimes achieve the impossible, that we can follow our own path, that we can lose something, lose everything, only to find it again-often in the most unlikely place." (Book jacket) 

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