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Love Warrior

Oprah has announced her latest book club selection earlier this month, her second one in a little over a month.  Love Warrior; a memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton was announced by Winfrey on the day the book was published.  Here's what Oprah's Book Club discussion group on GoodReads said about the book, "This astonishing memoir depicts Melton’s journey after she discovers her husband’s infidelity and uses her grief and anger as a path to her own redemption. And despite all this, her humor shines through!"  More information about the author and the book can be found on the Oprah's Book Club page.


There's a new app out, Litsy, where readers can share their favorite books and find books too.  Readers can add content to their page, three ways: a blub (short comment), quote from a book or reviews (300 characters).  When viewing content in your feed, you can add a book to one of three stacks: read, to read, or currently reading. The app is only available for iOS.


Obama's Summer Reading List

President's Summer Reading list

Recently, President Obama shared his summer reading list which included Oprah Winfrey's Book Club pick, a psychological thriller, and a science fiction novel. How many have you read?  Last year his list included the following:

"All The Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr|
"The Sixth Extinction" by Elizabeth Kolbert
"The Lowland" by Jhumpa Lahiri
"Between the World and Me" by Ta-Nehisi Coates
"Washington: A Life" by Ron Chernow

Oprah Book Club Selection

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

Colson Whitehead's "The Underground Railroad" is Oprah's new Book Club selection.  The heroine of the book, Cora, is fleeing the Georgia plantation she has lived on.   "The Underground Railroad is a picaresque novel, following Cora as she moves between varyingly safe havens on her way north.  On her trail is a towering black-hearted slave catcher named Ridgeway."  (USA TODAY)

Rescue Dogs

Free Days with George by Colin CampbellMy Old Dog by Laura CoffeyTwo moving books about dogs who have been rescued, one about seniors dogs and the other about a young dog.  In "Free Days with George" by Colin Campbell, you meet George (orginally named Kong) a Newfoundland living in a foster home.  Colin's wife suddenly leaves him and his world spirals downward.  His coworker convinces him to get a dog.  He finds George on  George doesn't like men and is very skittish, but Colin still decides to adopt him.  Through their adventures together, both heal and establish a strong bond.  After moving to California from Nova Scotia, Colin rekindles his love for surfing.  George, not wanting to be left behind, joins Colin on his surfboard.  Colin even enters George in the Surf City Surf Dog Competition where he places third.  Colin's grandfather would say "A free day is when you spend a whole day doing things you love to do... And when you do those things with people you love who love you, you don't grow old that day.  It's a free day."  George and Colin share many free days. "My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts" by Laura T. Coffey, celebrates senior dogs who were adopted from shelters.  You meet Healey a blind dog who learns how to love, Cullen, a retired service dog who finds a new line of therapy work, Rocky, who cheers up the women living with dementia and Einstein, George Clooney's cocker spaniel.  All were given up on until others saw what these dogs could really offer.  Tips on living and training senior dogs and organizations involved with senior dogs is also provided.  Both books are Highly recommended for dog lovers or anyone who loves animals.

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