Bodo, Peter
The Trout Whisperers

Cameron, Claire
The Bear

Deveraux, Jude
High Tide

Ellis, Mel
Caribou Crossing

Elo, Elisabeth
North of Boston

Evanick, Marcia
Christmas on Conrad Street

Evans, Rachel
Reilly's Choice

Faulkner, William
Big Woods

Guterson, David
East of the Mountains

Grey, Zane
Buffalo Stampede

Hall, James W.
Blackwater Sound
Gone Wild

Hemingway, Ernest
True At First Light
Green Hills of Africa

Heywood, Joseph
The Snowfly

Hiaasen, Carl
Double Whammy

Hoffman, William
Blood and Guile

Howard, Linda

Hull, Jeff
Pale Morning Done

Kay, Terry
The Valley of Light

King, Stephen

Maclean, Norman
A river runs through it and other stories

Morsi, Pamela
Bitsy's Bait & BBQ

Murphy, Yannick
The call

Paulsen, Gary
Tracker (YA)

Percy, Benjamin
The Wilding

Rawls, Wilson
Where the Red Fern Grows (YA)

Sullivan, Mark
Purification Ceremony

Tapply, William
Dark Tiger

Torday, Paul
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Wells, Ken
Crawfish Mountain

Yurk, Mike
The Fireside Reader

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