Pet Photo Contest

Pet Photo Contest : May 1-31
Click on a picture to see a larger version & description of these adorable pets.

Merlin and his buddy Bean
Pet Photo 1 : Merlin and Bean
George is a 3 year old beagle who adores his people.  He loves kids, tug-of-war, and treats.
Pet Photo 2 : George
Pet Photo 3 : Nunuk
Nadia is an adopted Russian Tortoise.  She has her own wardrobe and Facebook page.  She loves being a minion!
Pet Photo 4 : Nadia
Aspen is our little beagle mix adopted through Midwest Beagle Rescue, Education & Welfare.  She was pulled out of a kill shelter in OH.
Pet Photo 5 : Aspen
Widget is our 3 yr. old retired racing greyhound adopted through Heart Bound Greyhound Adoption, Inc.
Pet Photo 6 : Widget
Rufus is a labradoodle. He is even tempered and really sweet. He loves hugs and getting attention. Rufus is currently in the process of being trained as a diabetic alert dog for our 4 year old son. He is seriously the cutest dog ever!
Pet Photo 7 : Rufus
 Elvis loves to be lazy and is quite a BIG boy. He especially loves when his owners remind him of his lion ancestors!
Pet Photo 8 : Elvis
Jazmine is looking for a treat.  She loves to go to work with me.
Pet Photo 9 : Jazmine
Shadow loves to dress up.  She loves getting her picture taken.
Pet Photo 10 : Shadow
Angel is a one-person cat.  She loves food.
Pet Photo 11 : Angel
This is Cooper. He is our 12 week old chocolate lab.  He loves to chew.  He is smart and is learning to live in our "pack."
Pet Photo 12 : Cooper
Pet Photo 13 : Blitz
Pet Photo 14 : Winnie
Graham 13 years old with new pup
Pet Photo 15 : Graham
Pet Photo 16 : Kenobi
Named for cyclist Mark Cavendish, this alumnus of the Oshkosh Area Humane Society spends his time practicing his handsome poses.
Pet Photo 17 : Cavendish
Her eyes they shone like diamonds,  You'd think she was queen of the land.  Her ears hung over her shoulders,  Tied up with a black velvet band.
Pet Photo 18 : Molly
Princess Cordelia spends her days soaking up sunbeams and telling us all about it.
Pet Photo 19 : Princess Cordelia
This is Kenobi. He's a 2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves chasing birds and squirrels and constant pets from his mom.
Pet Photo 20 : Kenobi
We adopted Phoebe in February of 2018, not only did we rescue her, she also rescued us. We love her, she makes us laugh every day and we can’t remember life before her.
Pet Photo 21 : Phoebe
This is our Ragamuffin Cat, he's stretching & looks like a big boy with a little head.
Pet Photo 22 : Angel
Trigger is slowly growing into his big paws and loves being outside!
Pet Photo 23 : Trigger
We adopted Jason right after his rear leg was amputated and he's been doing really well on 3 legs. He liked his peg leg for Halloween!
Pet Photo 24 : Jason
Buddy! Sleeping soundly!
Pet Photo 25 : Buddy
This is my eight-year-old niece, Abigail, and her kitten, Kensie.
Pet Photo 26 : Kensie
Cindy Lou
Pet Photo 27 : Cindy Lou
Paisley (F, black) & Trousers (M, white) make hearts when they sleep, and while each heart is just a little different, the love is always the same. They were adopted 3 mos. apart in 2013, from the OAHS, and have been inseparable ever since!
Pet Photo 28 : Paisley & Trousers
This is Moose. He’s 18-months old and about 110lbs. Black lab mix. Adopted from the humane society at 10-weeks. Loves everybody. He’s my workshop and garden buddy. Such a looker (just like his dad!) Seen here popping out of the rhubarb. Such a good helper
Pet Photo 29 : Moose Ulrich
Indie is an English Angora rabbit and the most spoiled rabbit there ever was. He's 3 years old as of April. He loves cuddles and to play ball with momma. Usually he's much fluffier than in the picture, but this was taken after his haircut.
Pet Photo 30 : Indie
My husband swears he hates cats. Gracie and I don’t even know how that could be possible!?
Pet Photo 31 : Gracie Belle
Frank is a Bassett Hound-Terrier mix. He is 14 years old, but he still acts like a puppy! He loves to cuddle and he loves treats!
Pet Photo 32 : Frank
My dog, Miki!
Pet Photo 33 : Miki
My name is Melissa Troedel and this is our Super dog Chewy!! We would like to enter him in the fantasy category of the pet contest because of his Big Super Hero dreams! It may be a fantasy for him, but we think he truly is a Super Dog!
Pet Photo 34 : Chewy
Our cute Samson and Delilah :)
Pet Photo 35 : Samson and Delilah
This is where my senior boys Vincent and Andy are having a cat only book club.
Pet Photo 36 : Vincent and Andy
Harvey Birdman
Pet Photo 37 : Harvey Birdman
I would love to submit a photo of my dog CiCi for the pet photo contest.  She is a wonderful dog and very photogenic!
Pet Photo 38 : CiCi
DiNosso was adopted as a puppy nearly eight years ago. His favorite things are steak, playing fetch, and lurking.
Pet Photo 39 : DiNosso
Captain Kirk or Kirk for short is a five year old Boxer who was adopted from a local rescue. Kirk's favorite things are cuddles, breaking personal space boundaries, and going for walks.
Pet Photo 40 : Captain Kirk
Passion is a nine year old American Saddlebred. Passion's favorite things are apples, going outside with her horse friends, and grabbing onto loose clothing to nibble on.
Pet Photo 41 : Passion
Meet our newest family member, Roscoe, who was adopted as a rescue from Frosty’s Fosters.
Pet Photo 42 : Roscoe
Since his adoption at OAHS, Tank has transitioned well to life on the farm. Here he is in his self-appointed role as nanny, supervising the ducklings as they learn to swim.
Pet Photo 43 : Tank
This is our lab/Bassett rescue named Budiferous McGhee (named by my then 4 year old. We just call him Buddy.) :)  Here he is protecting us from dangerous things like leaves and the mail carrier.
Pet Photo 44 : Buddy
Cutest Corgi!
Pet Photo 45 : Copperfield
This is Walter’s first ride home from the Fox Valley Humane Association. Have you ever seen a cuter rescue dog? He was so happy to be going home to meet his new family and has finally grown into his collar.
Pet Photo 46 : Walter
This is Maude (left) and Jeffrey (right)  Jeffrey is named after ‘The Dude’ Jeffrey Lebowski and Maude is his special lady friend named after Maude Lebowski from the movie The Big Lebowski  Here they were waking me up looking for breakfast.  I don’t know what they would have done if I haven’t gotten up and fed them.
Pet Photo 47 : Maude and Jeffrey
Pet Photo 48 : Loki
Pet Photo 49 : Oracle
Coconut’s an inquisitive little twenty-month-old shepherd mix rescued from New Pawsibilities. He’s an absolute bundle of joy who loves taking long walks all around River East and all the way down to the lake if his dog mom is willing.
Pet Photo 50 : Coconut
Hi,I'm Marcie and these are my two cuddlers...  Breaccan (wire fox terrier) on left, Millie (Airedale terrier) on the right.
Pet Photo 51 : Breaccan and Millie
This is one of my rescue dogs, his name is Charles. Charles is 16 year old, Border Collie, Chow, Golden Retriever mix. Charles goes to Swim Dog in Appleton, WI, once a week for Aqua Therapy to help with his arthritis.
Pet Photo 52 : Charles
Pet Photo 53 : Kimber
Our energetic Echo is a Heeler/Collie mix; she loves to be outside no matter the weather!
Pet Photo 54 : Echo
I took this picture of Roxie when we went to Missouri to see the eclipse in August. She is just the sweetest girl!
Pet Photo 55 : Roxie
Pet Photo 56 : Bella
Our loyal dog Monty watches and waits for us to return home whenever he is not allowed to come along.  He always welcomes us home.
Pet Photo 57 : Monty
This is Schatzi, adopted from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society in December 2015. As a stray, she was reported as a mountain lion (!) but a DNA test has shown her to be mostly boxer and malamute. She lives for tummy rubs and destroying stuffed toys.
Pet Photo 58 : Schatzi
Dexter loves finding new places to hide. He also loves waking “mommy” up every day at 6:30 AM by plopping down on her belly.
Pet Photo 59 : Dexter
My cat's name is Bert. I think he was yawning, but it looks like he's
Pet Photo 60 : Bert
This was X-mas Eve and Carter wanted a "family" photo with his brothers (AKA - the cats)
Pet Photo 61 : Smokey & Dexter
This is Gigi (top) and Rayne. Gigi is 2 & adopted at 5 months old, she is blind from birth, but shhhhhhh don’t tell her she doesn’t know!  Rayne is 4 and loves to run and play!
Pet Photo 62 : Gigi & Rayne
This is Gigi, Rayne and Kahlúa. Kahlúa is 6 yrs who was adopted in Jan :)
Pet Photo 63 : Gigi, Rayne & Kahlúa
Jasper and friends
Pet Photo 64 : Jasper
Andrew (Fat Emperor)
Pet Photo 65 : Andrew
This year, she meows for attention and follows me around.  She really likes the ceiling fan.
Pet Photo 66 : Sophia
My pets name is Winston. Winston is a working bunny. On the weekdays he enjoys working at the railroad, and on the weekends he enjoys eating shredded carrots.
Pet Photo 67 : Winston
Dani is a 7 month mix. She always acts like a kook!
Pet Photo 68 : Dani
Buzz sometimes doesn't know if he's coming or going!
Pet Photo 69 : Buzz Lightyear
Twins, Rosie, Tyson and friend. On our way to the dog park!
Pet Photo 70 : Rosie & Tyson
Essa is a super fun and friendly bearded dragon who loves affection by getting pet and being held!
Pet Photo 71 : Essa
Blueberry is a blue spotted salamander whose spots are easily hidden in the shade but are bright and beautiful in the sun!
Pet Photo 72 : Blueberry
This is Leroy :)
Pet Photo 73 : Leroy
Annie and Molly
Pet Photo 74 : Annie and Molly
Allie "Book loving cat"
Pet Photo 75 : Allie
This is Minerva, she is a Pug Chihuahua mix. This was a cold early spring day when we went to the dog park. There were NO other dogs there and she was pretty sad and lonely. Note the excited drool on the side of her mouth!
Pet Photo 76 : Minerva
Her name is spanish for "Hope"
Pet Photo 77 : Esperanza
Peanut Butter Cup
Pet Photo 78 : Peanut Butter Cup
This is Joey,  female schnauzer.  She is a thinker. She plans out her mischief and executes perfectly. I should have named her “Nosey Rosy”. She makes me smile at times I would think that wasn’t possible.
Pet Photo 79 : Joey
Kitty (White and orange) and Yuki (Brown and white). They love each other very much and are inseparable.
Pet Photo 80 : Kitty and Yuki
Delilah happily sleeping.
Pet Photo 81 : Delilah
I will wait in this bag until I can ATTACK!!
Pet Photo 82 : Audi
I'm ready for the luau
Pet Photo 83 : Bentley