Library Board Meeting ~ January 29 2015

Oshkosh Public Library Board of Trustees
Agenda – January 29, 2015
Library Lower Level Meeting Room, 106 Washington Avenue


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Call to Order:  4:00 p.m.

Public Comments

Consent Agenda:                                                                                                             YES                          361-367
   1.  Minutes of the regular meeting of December 18, 2014
   2.  2014 Regular funds vouchers payable totaling $335,044.57
   3.  2015 Regular funds vouchers payable totaling $162,853.97
   4.  Special funds vouchers payable totaling $5,740.59
   5.  Statement of system effectiveness for 2014 state annual report
   6.  Retirement notification incentive 2015


Old Business                                                                                                                YES                                368
   7.  SmartBoard Proposal for Library Meeting Room – The Director
        has included a memo in this month’s  board packet that revisits
        the SmartBoard purchase proposal first put forward in December.
        The memo includes itemized prices and a comparison to prices that
        OASD has paid for SmartBoards.  (Action requested: decide whether
        to approve the SmartBoard project as described in the Director’s


New Business                                                                                                              YES                               369
   8.  2015 Library Director Evaluation / Compensation Review
        (Action requested: decide whether to approve process of
        reviewing Director performance and compensation as outlined
        in the memo included in this month’s meeting packet.)
    9. Board Officer Vacancy – With the President’s resignation, the                                  YES
        Vice-President would normally chair meetings until the next regular
        election of officers in July. However, Vice-President Kathy Bermingham
        will be unable to chair either the March or May meeting. In order to
        ensure that at least one board member at each meeting is authorized
        to sign the library’s bills for payment, I propose that the board elect
        an Interim President and Vice-President. Direct nominations from the
        floor are consistent with the Board’s past practice and also most expedient.
        For the board’s information, Kim Molitor has expressed that she is both
        willing and able to chair meetings in key months when Kathy Bermingham
        is unavailable. Discussion. (Action requested: decide whether or not to
        elect Interim officers as proposed.)
 10.  Discussion of Possible Candidates for Board Vacancies –Alex Hummel’s              YES    
       resignation from the OPL Board also creates a vacancy on the Winnefox
       Library System Board. The need for representation on the system board
       has now risen to a rather high level, as there are now three (3) Winnefox
       seats for Oshkosh residents that are un-filled: one seat has been vacant
       for more than a year; one is being vacated by Kristy Bradish, who chose
       not to seek reappointment at the end of her term last month; and one
       was Alex Hummel’s seat. As the by-laws call for two members of the OPL
       Board to serve on the Winnefox Board, I ask you to consider serving in that
       capacity. I would also like to gather suggestions from the Board members
       at this meeting as to individuals who they would recommend contacting
       about service on either of these boards. (Action requested: Discussion.)
 11. Trust funds report format – Included in this month’s board meeting packet                YES                                         370-372
      is a proposed report format for the Trust Funds for Library Excellence at the
      Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. (Action request: decide whether to
      approve the proposed format for reporting on the assets of the Trust Funds
      for Library Excellence.)

Informational Items                                                                                                         NO                                        373-380
  12.  Revenues
  13.  Expenditures
  14.  Library Highlights
  15.  Monthly Statistics
  16.  Donations
  17.  Personnel Changes

Library Director’s Report                                                                                                 NO        
  18.  Self-check equipment
  19.  Exterior sign concepts
  20.  Landscaping
  21.  2015 trust fund projects
  22.  Tackling Wicked Problems workshops


Trustee Reports and Comments                                                                                       NO



Next Meeting Scheduled

February 26, 2015 at 4 p.m.