Digital Collections

Local History BooksBarns of Winnebago CountyPicture OshkoshMain Street, Oshkosh

A view of Oshkosh and Winnebago County through photographs, postcards, books, documents and articles.

Picture Oshkosh - A look at life in Oshkosh through the eyes of those who live here
Images of Oshkosh community life through photos and videos taken by residents and visitors. 

Main Street, Oshkosh
Postcards and photographs showing Main Street in older times.

Oshkosh Atlases and Histories
A collection of materials published between 1856 and 1909 illustrating 19th century Oshkosh and Winnebago County history.

Oshkosh Businesses
Photographs, newspaper articles, postcards, pamphlets and catalogs of some businesses that flourished in Oshkosh. 

Oshkosh City Directories
No longer under lock and key, these twenty-nine city directories spanning the years 1857 to 1922 are available online.

Oshkosh Local History Books
The Library has digitized a number of local history books (mostly books of pictures) including Clarence "Inky" Jungwirth's "History of the City of Oshkosh" and "Tales of Oshkosh"

Postcards of Oshkosh
Remember the Hotel Athearn?  The fountain in Riverside Cemetery?  Relive memories of Oshkosh through these postcards.  This collection includes businesses, churches, parks, city streets and other structures.

Pride Of Oshkosh
Sawyer and Harris, the iconic bronze lions, have stood outside the Oshkosh Public Library since 1912. View images of them throughout the years including their removal for restoration in 1998.

Public Enemies - Tinseltown comes to Oshkosh
In April 2008, downtown Oshkosh was transformed into a movie set of the Johnny Depp film, Public Enemies.  This collection are the photographs taken and submitted by the residents of Oshkosh who experienced Tinseltown in their hometown.

Barns of Winnebago County
Once upon a time, these proud structures dotted the bucolic landscape, but now are vanishing.

Pioneer Churches
These churches were a gathering place for the immigrants who settled in new communities and reflected the values they brought over from their homeland.  Churches in this collection are located in Winnebago, Fond du Lac, Marquette, Waushara, and Manitowoc counties.

Winnebago County Rural Schools
A collection of photographs dating from the early 1950s of school buildings from across the county.  The images have been digitized to help document local education and architectural history. Some of this collection has been made available through the cooperation between the Forrest Polk Library of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and the Oshkosh Public Library.  The Winneconne Historical Society has also contributed images to this collection.