Director's Report - February 28, 2013


Oshkosh Public Library

Thursday, February 28, 2013

FINANCIAL REPORTS                   
This month’s financial reports contain an expenditure that bears mention – purchase of a new disc buffing machine from RTI at a cost of $6,525.  This unbudgeted expenditure in the “Minor Equipment” category was caused by the failure of our previous machine.  The disc buffer machine extends the useful life of DVDs, music CDs and Audiobook CDs that have received minor scratches.  The price of the replacement machine included a credit for exchange of the older machine.  Discussion. 
Action Requested:  approval of all vouchers and special fund vouchers payable.

LIBRARY HIGHLIGHTS                 Included as Exhibit A.

A report of 2012 library staff activities and achievements in pursuit of the strategic plan goals is included as Exhibit B.  Discussion.        
Action Requested: None.

Exhibit C contains a memo proposing a process for carrying out my performance evaluation.  Discussion. 
Action Requested:  Settle upon a process for evaluating the Library Director’s 2012 performance.

A Director Compensation Committee has not met in recent years, and changes in the board’s officers and membership necessitates the re-establishment of a Director Compensation Committee.  According to the by-laws :

“the President shall appoint all Committees with the concurrence of the Board and shall be, ex-officio, a member of any committee.  The President shall be entitled to vote on all matters in the same manner as all other board members.”

The President will either present a list of appointees or solicit volunteers for the committee at this meeting.  Discussion. 
Action Requested: Decide whether or not to approve the President’s appointees to the Director Compensation Committee.

WLA Legislative Day Report–
I will report on my participation in the 2013 Wisconsin Library Association Library Legislative Day in Madison on Tuesday, February 5

  • January Monthly Report– is included as Exhibit D.
  • Donations Report– is included as Exhibit E.


  • Madison Hodge resigned as Page in First Floor Public Services effective January 21, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Gilderson-Duwe

Executive Director