Wonderlab: a STEAM program

Join us as we explore and experiment using the principles of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM)!

Developed for kids aged 6 - 9.
Register at the Children's Department Desk or call 236-5208. | 6 p.m.

Fall 2019 Programs
Sept. 18   Paper Gliders (Under the Dome)
Did you know that there are more than 40 different ways to make a paper airplane? Come explore aerodynamics as we fold a fleet of gliders and test how well they fly. Watch this video on the library's YouTube channel to start practicing your airplane folding skills!

Oct. 2       Paper Coil Cars (Lower Level Meeting Room)
Cars can be powered by gasoline, electricity, and… paper? Join us in our investigation of potential energy as we build a paper coil car! Watch this video on the library's YouTube channel to plan your paper powered vehicle.

Sat., Oct. 19     Marble Roller Coaster Weekend Edition! (Lower Level Meeting Room) PLEASE NOTE: 1:30 p.m. start time.
Spectacular falls, tingling twists, and loony loop-the-loops: roller coasters make for a wild ride. Join us for a special Wonderlab: Weekend Edition, where we will construct totally tubular coasters!

Nov. 6      Fettucine Bridge (Lower Level Meeting Room)
You may have eaten pasta for supper, but did you ever think of using it as construction material? Join us as we build and test fettucine bridges. It’s sure to be a smash!

Nov. 20    Egg Drop (Under the Dome)
If you’ve dropped an egg before, you know how messy it can be! To keep the mess to a minimum, we will construct containers that will protect eggs from the force of an almost 20-foot drop!

Dec. 4     “Squidy” Cartesian Diver (Lower Level Meeting Room)
Meet Squidy, a fantastic squid who can float, sink, and hover in his aquatic home! You can take home your very own Squidy, as we explore buoyancy – how and why things float.

Previously in Wonderlab
Spring 2019 Programs

April 17 - Build a Kite
This test flight in Explorer’s Grove led to a very sad librarian!

April brings with it some wonderfully blustery days – perfect weather for flying kites! So, to get Wonderlab off the ground, we’ll explore the science behind kite flight and construct our very own diamond kite!

April 3 - Birdfeeders
When we put a birdfeeder in Explorer’s Grove, we had a surprise visit from an exotic friend!

As we head (hopefully!) into spring, many more of our fine-feathered friends will be returning from their southern vacations. What could be a better welcome than a carefully constructed, full bird feeder? If you agree, join us for a Wonderlab that’s (literally) for the birds!



March 6 - Intro to Coding
We investigated key building blocks of computational thinking - thinking about problems so that computers can solve them. We explored sequencing, decomposition, functions and debugging; skills that will remain relevant no matter how technology changes. And, Wonderlabbers got to meet Cubetto!