Explorers Grove - Meet us under the tree

Join us on Sat., Jan. 26, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the Children’s Department for an Open House and Reception introducing Explorers Grove – a one-of-a-kind learning space for kids and families.

“It’s been four years in the making,” explained Marie Boleman, Head of Children’s & Family Outreach Services. “After the intricate planning, design and construction phases, we’re thrilled to be celebrating a space dedicated to promoting curiosity, learning, self-expression and discovery.”

A cozy circle of tree-like structures stands in front of an animal-themed mural. An open area under the canopy allows children to read, explore, imagine and play. The trees span from floor to ceiling and host a rabbit, squirrel and bird. Other new additions include a reading bench and discovery station that fosters free play and interactive learning experiences. The setting welcomes caregivers and parents to be fully present in the moment with their children. 

“Research tells us that beginning at birth, children develop literacy and lifelong learning skills when they talk, sing, read, write and play; Explorers Grove is a fun, engaging space that encourages all these things.”

Explorers Grove was made possible through a memorial donation honoring longtime librarian Nancy Jackisch.

“Nancy worked for Oshkosh Public Library for 43 years, serving as a children’s librarian during much of that time, so it’s especially fitting for Explorers Grove to be associated with her legacy and love for learning,” said Boleman.