Preschool Book Lists: Insects, Spiders & Bugs

CrickwingBugs!Bug Off!The Big Bug BallBeetle McGrady Eats BugsThe Very Ugly Bug
Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective by David Biedrzycki
Ugh! a bug by Mary Bono
Crickwing by Janell Cannon
Fiona the firefly by Wendy Connelly
Daddy is a doodlebug by Bruce Degen
I love bugs by Emma Dodd
Pest Fest by Julia Durango
Buz by Richard Egielski
Manuelo the playing mantis by Don Freeman
Big bug surprise by Julia Gran
Bugs! by David Greenberg
Bug off! : a swarm of insect words by Catherine Hepworth
The Leaf Men and the brave good bugs by William Joyce
Little Miss Spider at Sunny Patch School by David Kirk
The Big Bug Ball by Dee Lillegard
Beetle McGrady eats bugs! by Megan McDonald
The best bug parade by Stuart J. Murphy
The very ugly bug by Liz Pichon
The house at the end of Ladybug Lane by Elise Primavera
Bugs Galore by Peter Stein

Pj Ross Snug as a bug
Pj Ryder My father's hands (K)
Pj Sardegna The Roly poly spider
Pj Seibold Monkey business
Pj Shields The bugliest bug
Pj Siomades Katy did it!
Pj Sturges I love bugs
Pj Willis Tadpole’s Promise
[Seek] Young The big bug search (picture puzzle/search book)
[HOL] Kraus How spider saved… (Halloween, Christmas)
May 2010
Ej Crowley Ugh a bug
Ej Cushman Inspector Hopper
Ej Dobkin The great bug hunt
Ej Edwards Snug as a big red bug
Ej Horowitz Breakout at the bug lab
Ej Katschke Flik's perfect gift
Ej McKissack Bugs!
Ej McPhail A bug, a bear, and a boy
Ej Schade Snow bugs
[CTN] Thorpe Bugged by bugs
[TOY] Carle Grouchy Ladybug
[TOY] Carle Very Lonely Firefly
[TOY] Carle Very Quiet Cricket
j811 C997o Oddhopper opera: a bug's garden of verses (rhyme) (PS-elem.)
[BIG] Berger Busy as a Bee
[BIG] Berger The World of Ants