Holiday Hoopla Movies

Here's our list of holiday movies on Hoopla, that are sure to warm your heart. Stream them free anytime with your library card. Watch now.
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The Spruces and the Pines
Rival Christmas tree farms, run by the Spruce and the Pine families, have always competed. When Julie Pine and Rick Spruce fall in love, they must conceal their romance or risk condemnation from their families.

The Christmas Calendar
When Emily, a small-town baker, receives a Christmas calendar from a secret admirer, it attracts the attention of the locals. With financial problems looming, the calendar turns out to be a Christmas miracle for Emily and the bakery.

A Cinderella Christmas
At the Christmasquerade Ball, hardworking Angie charms Nicholas but departs suddenly, leaving him only one clue to find her in this holiday fairytale.

Christmas Kiss
Wendy has left work with the local theatre to take a job as an assistant to Priscilla Hall. Ms. Hall works Wendy around the clock, which is how Wendy finds herself trapped in an elevator late one night with an incredibly handsome stranger.

A Christmas Kiss II
When Jenna Kingston finds herself in an elevator with a handsome stranger under the mistletoe, sparks fly as he leans in for a kiss. There’s just one problem: this man is Cooper Montgomery, a playboy who happens to be part owner of the company for which Jenna works. Can he turn over a new leaf, or will Jenna get her heart broken just before the holidays?

Christmas Belle
It’s almost Christmas, and Belle has to leave her California hometown behind to head north on business. Her client, Hunter Lowell, is rumored to have a sharp tongue and a hot temper. Belle gets to work and as she and Hunter spend more time together, his icy demeanor begins to melt. Things get complicated when Belle’s long-time suitor Tony shows up, sending Hunter the wrong signals. It’s definitely going to be an interesting Christmas, but what will the New Year bring?

Naughty & Nice
When a cynical Los Angeles DJ is exiled to a quaint mountain town for the holiday season, the small-town charm and holiday cheer (not to mention his pretty new co-host) begin to melt his icy demeanor. The two have an entertaining repartee on-air that enthralls the town, and eventually leads to sparks between them that they can’t deny.

Christmas in the Smokies
This heartwarming movie tells the story of a family’s journey to save their historic berry town against all odds during one fateful holiday season.

Christmas Tail
Two single parents fall in love fighting for custody of a dog they both want to give their children as a Christmas gift.

Small Town Santa
On Christmas Eve, Sheriff Rick Langston has lost his holiday spirit. But when he arrests a home intruder claiming to be Santa Claus, his world gets turned upside-down! With the help of Lucy, the new girl in town, Santa helps show Rick that even when you feel that all is lost, love is all around you.

Mary’s favorite Christmas tradition is building a “Snow Beau” with her best friend Nick. After a breakup, Mary wonders if she’ll ever find true love. When her “Snow Beau” comes to life, Mary has a choice between dream romance and reality.

Winter Wedding
When Hallie and Lucas get engaged, they quickly begin planning the beach wedding of their dreams. When things don't go as planned, Hallie and Lucas decide to have their ceremony at Lucas' mountain lodge in the snow. They do everything they can to get married happily ever after... and survive their families in the process.

Christmas in the Heartland
Kara and Jessie strike up an unlikely friendship when seated next to each other on a plane headed to the heartland. With both girls visiting family they've never met, they devise a plan to switch places for Christmas.

Christmas Love Story: Love at The Christmas Table
For thirty years, Sam and Katherine have spent Christmas Eve at the children's table. When Sam learns Katherine is moving away, he has one night to tell her he loves her.

Marry Me for Christmas
Home for Christmas, single ad agency owner Marci fakes having a fiancé to deflect mounting family pressure to get married.

Back to Christmas
Trying to skip out on Christmas, Ali turns to work during the holidays. Upon meeting a kind stranger at a diner, Ali admits that she would redo last Christmas if she could. The next morning, she wakes to realize that her second chance has come true. Ali has her hands full trying to make sure this time around she ends up with the love of her life.

A Christmas Wish
Single-mom Martha Evans is praying for a miracle to help her family this Christmas. Barely able to make ends meet with her waitressing job, the holidays do not seem joyous until her sympathetic neighbors and a concerned admirer help renew her faith and make her season bright.

Paper Angels
An inspirational holiday story about a child in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, who encounters the disillusioned businessman who picked his name from the tree. This heartwarming drama is based on the novel by Jimmy Wayne.

Beyond Christmas
Three elderly gentlemen who perish in a blizzard return to earth as guardian angels to two kind-hearted strangers they met on Christmas Eve. The strangers find romance together and before proceeding to heaven, the spirits work behind-the-scene to ensure that the couple's love will endure forever.

Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Paul Walker, and Alan Arkin fill out an all-star cast in this holiday classic. As five strangers come together on Christmas Eve, a story of peace, companionship, comfort, love and healing unfolds against the backdrop of New York City. Noel’s inspirational story proves miracles are closer than you think.

Angels in the Snow
The dysfunctional Montgomery family go to their cabin for Christmas where a blizzard traps them inside. When the Tucker family arrives needing shelter, they are welcomed inside and remind the Montgomery family how to love each other.

My Santa
Single mother Jen rediscovers the magic of Christmas after meeting handsome mall Santa Chris... not aware that Chris is the son of the real Santa Claus, on a mission to find his Mrs. Claus.

Lovely, Still
Lonely in life and love, Robert Malone returns home from his job at the grocery store to discover a stranger in his house. What begins as an awkward encounter quickly blossoms into what appears to be a new chance for romance and the elderly couple's love affair takes us on a heartfelt and wonderful journey that reveals an unexpected twist.

The Gift of the Magi
One dollar and eighty-seven cents and the next day is Christmas. And so, we begin O. Henry's best known and timeless story, which stands as a shining example of O. Henry's writing at its best. For in it we have the simplicity of concept, the irony of circumstance, and the charming surprise at the end. It's a wonderful romantic tale of a young married couple who have little money to buy each other Christmas presents.