Share Your Library Story

Share Your Library Story

If you or someone you know has a story to tell about a personal experience at the Oshkosh Public Library, please contact Lisa Voss by using our online form or call her at 236-5211.

Peter Allington's Library Story

Peter Allington pops into libraries the way most people stop at Starbucks when they have a few moments to spare.

Allington, who lives in Berlin and works in Oshkosh, uses the public libraries in both communities. When his kids play in sports tournaments around the area, he stops in at the nearest local library between games.

In the library world, you might call Allington a “power user.”  He checks out books, music CDs and DVDs. He uses library computers to check his fantasy baseball standings during his lunch break. Since buying a tablet, Allington has started checking out eBooks and he’s a pro at finding and reserving the books, movies and music shared by the 30 libraries in the Winnefox Library System. He appreciates having around-the-clock access to the library’s catalog and other digital resources.

Allington even has a collection of T-shirts he’s earned in the Oshkosh Public Library’s summer reading program for adults. And he isn’t afraid to wear them.

“Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve used the library,” he says. “I have a wide variety of tastes; I’m a curious person and I like to explore different ideas and read different things.”

More than just a library user, Allington is a library enthusiast.  He is impressed by the quality of Wisconsin’s libraries and he values the open access to resources and information, as well as the opportunity to explore and learn, that public libraries provide.

“I like visiting the library and looking around to see all the different things they have to offer,” he says. “There’s a sense of community at the library that’s important.”

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