Water City Racket Fest Listen & Learn

This free session will expose curious, budding musicians and fans to an array of instruments including the accordion, mbira, upright bass, guitar, african percussion, and more. Musicians will also talk about song composition, the poetry of music lyrics, and inspirations for their work.

9:15 a.m.: Luke Bassuener of ASUMAYA
Luke will lead a creative presentation of the mbira (thumb piano), bass guitar, drum pad and looping piano.

10 a.m.: Danny & Michelle Jerabek of Copper Box
The duo from one of Oshkosh’s favorite bands will perform and present the accordion, acoustic guitar, penny whistle, saxophone, flute and cornet.

11 a.m.: Carl Nichols & Johanna Rose of Nickel&Rose
The Milwaukee duo Nickel&Rose will be bringing their banjo, upright bass, and guitar for an intimate set of American roots music.

Listen & Learn is a collaborative music education morning sponsored by the Oshkosh Public Library and offered in partnership with the Oshkosh Independent and the Ideal Team, featuring Water City Racket Fest musicians.  The sessions are tailored to the budding musician, the established music lover, and everyone between who would appreciate an intimate, close up look at a diversity of instrumentation and the craft of songwriting.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 9:15am
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