An Informed Electorate: History of Political Rhetoric

Monday, September 17, 2018 - 6:30pm

Join UW-Madison Professor Daniel Kapust as he explores the history of political rhetoric. Contemporary politics is troubling, less because of what is said, than because of what the words suggest about a common culture.

Under the Dome.

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The Dark Stores Referendum Explained
Tues., Sept. 18    6:30 p.m.
Understanding this topic will help you to cast an informed vote on the upcoming referendum.
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Tech for Voters
Mon., Sept. 24  5 p.m.
Learn about the websites and apps that can help you to stay informed about the issues and candidates on the ballot, both nationally and locally.
Under the Dome.

Fake News Panel
Thurs., Sept. 27   6 p.m.
What is fake news? How do you spot fake news and avoid passing it on? How do you vet news sources? Our Oshkosh media panel will help sort out the topic: Nathaniel Shuda, Editor, Oshkosh Northwestern; Miles Maguire, Oshkosh Examiner and UW Oshkosh Journalism Dept.; and Karen Schneider, Publisher, Oshkosh Herald.  LWV member Alana Erickson will talk about the impact of social media. 
Under the Dome.


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