Wonderlab S.T.E.A.M. Take Home Kits

Let's explore and experiment using the principles of S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)! Kits include everything you need to create cool projects. Check out our YouTube channel for video instructions. Stop by the Children's Desk, make an appointment to pick up your kit at calendly.com/oshkoshpubliclibrary or call 920-236-5208. *These kits are designed for ages 5 and older. Supplies are limited.
April:     Money Fun Kit
May:      Musical Mayhem Kit
June:     DIY Thaumatrope
July:      Colorful Chameleon
Aug:      CD Car

April 1 - 30
Money Fun Kit

Kits includes hands-on projects, games and fun facts about money. The first 100 kits given away also include a book.




May 1 - 31
Musical Mayhem Kit
Create a sound sandwich and make it sing! Using only craft sticks, rubber bands, and a straw, you can create an instrument that makes beautiful, buzzy music. Can you experiment and find ways to change how your sandwich sounds? 


June 1 - 30 DIY Thaumatrope

The thaumatrope is a Victorian toy constructed from a simple disk or card featuring a different picture on each side and attached to two pieces of string.When the strings are twirled rapidly the card rotates on its axis and the two images appear to combine.

Invented by John Ayrton Paris (1785-1856), an English physician, in 1825, the thaumatrope was the first instrument to exploit the persistence of images on the retina. (Source: History of Science Museum)

July 1 - 31 Colorful Chameleon
Aug. 1 - 31 CD Car