Wonderlab @ Home

Let's create using the principles of S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art and math).
We're premiering a new YouTube video on the following dates featuring fun projects using everyday items.

Oct. 14     Fizzy Rainbows
Let’s explore colors and chemistry! We’ll add color to baking soda, then cause a reaction! After you’ve made a rainbow, use your colorful baking soda to draw a picture and make it fizz! How does it change after the reaction ends?
Oct. 21     Magnus Flyer
What do curveballs and free throws have in common? Backspin! Also called the Magnus Effect, backspin can be used to make cups fly. Try making your flyer out of different cups. Do the height and material of the cups make a difference in how the flyer flies?
Oct. 28     Paper Folding Book
A mini book is just a few folds and cuts away! After making it, write a story, start a journal, or record the animals and plants that you see in your backyard. Make it your own, then make another!
Nov. 4       Mini Marshmallow Poppers
Marshmallows are delicious, but did you know that they are high-flying acrobats? They will be after we make a mini marshmallow popper! How far and how high can you shoot a marshmallow? Does your popper work with bigger marshmallows?
Nov. 11     Painting with Forces
Did you know that physics is an artist? You can paint using the forces of gravity and magnetism. What lovely art can you create with science?
Nov. 18     DIY Snow
We have no shortage of snow in Wisconsin. But if you bring it inside, it melts! This recipe will make snow that doesn’t melt, even in summer! Can you build a snowman or an igloo? Just don’t start a snowball fight!