Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

In the spirit of the season, here’s a list of products, treats and pumpkin focused cookbooks to bring the flavor home!

  1. Trade your peppermint gum for a pack of pumpkin spice flavored gourmet gum. It’s on shelves right now.
  2. Pumpkin spice flavor dog treats make Fido feel included in the trend. Follow it up with a sip of “instant spice latte” for dogs.
  3. In addition to treats and lattes, there’s a holiday pumpkin spice cologne formulated specifically for pets. Who doesn’t want their puppy to smell like an autumn themed candle?
  4. Craving a pumpkin spice hot dog? Use a straw to hollow out the middle of the hot dog, fill with pumpkin pie filling and serve with whipped topping. Yum or no?
  5. For mealtime variety, pick up a package of pumpkin spice chicken sausage on your next shopping trip.
  6. Start your day with a swipe of pumpkin spice latte deodorant for that freshly baked fall aroma. It’s $12 and in stock now!
  7. Split a row of Pumpkin Spice Latte Peeps with a friend. Easter’s famous marshmallow birds have been given a pumpkin spice makeover and a dunking in white fudge coating. 
  8. For men with facial hair, limited edition pumpkin spice beard oil is all the rage this season. Get it before it’s gone.
  9. Pumpkin spice lip balm can be a soothing solution for chapped lips.
  10. And finally, pumpkin spice infused gouda cheese may be what you’re looking for to add some excitement to your ham sandwich.

If this list has you wanting more of the good gourd in your life, the library has several pumpkin focused cookbooks available for check out.

Taste of Home Pumpkin
With 101 heartwarming breakfasts, dinners, desserts and snacks, it’s the ultimate collection for pumpkin lovers.

Purely Pumpkin: More than 100 Wholesome Recipes to Share, Savor, and Warm Your Kitchen* by Allison Day
Ideas for all meals of the day- it’s the cookbook pumpkin fans should not be without. There’s even a homemade pumpkin spice latte recipe. Also available on Hoopla.

Pumpkin It Up! by Eliza Cross
Discover sweet and savory ways to pumpkin up every meal.

Pumpkins: Over 75 Farm Fresh Recipes
From creamy pumpkin puree to crunchy pumpkin seeds, you’ll find delicious and simple ways to enjoy pumpkins year-round.


Available on Hoopla

The Pumpkin Cookbook: 139 Recipes Celebrating the Versatility of Pumpkin and Other Winter Squash by DeeDee Stovel

From Currant-Pumpkin-Oat Scones to Chicken-Pumpkin Tacos, Pumpkin-Filled Ravioli with Fried Sage, Ginger-Pumpkin Ice Cream, and of course (seven!) pies, this comprehensive cookbook reminds us that the iconic symbol of fall is so much more than jack-o'-lantern material.