Picture Book Month

There’s no happier feeling than when we bring home a fresh selection of picture books to read with our family. Picture books have a history all their own. Writing and illustrations have evolved over the years, and there are more being published every year with a greater variety of styles and themes than ever before. Sometimes we love a picture book for the poetry in the words; other times we are drawn to the illustrations. Still other picture books present a story in a clever or humorous way that makes us laugh again and again. Picture books could arguably be the most enjoyable way to bond with the people we love, while helping our kids build language skills and a broad knowledge base that will serve them for the rest of their lives! – Marie Boleman, Head of Children’s and Family Outreach Services

During the month of Nov. - Submit a photo of your family reading and send us the titles of your top three picture books.

Click on the photos below to see why our staff finds these books so special!

Picture Book Month Submission
The Gobble Gobble Moooooo Tractor Book Written and Illustrated by Jez Alborough

"This book begs to be read aloud because each of the animals’ sounds makes the tractor come alive. Alborough orchestrates the words, characters and their hilarious expressions to maximum effect.  Kids who are wiggly, still, loud or quiet all fall under its spell—no exceptions!"

Marie Boleman

Picture Book Month Submission
Everybody Needs a Rock Written by Byrd Baylor / Illustrated by Peter Parnall

"RESPECT to the author who brings his readers to their senses (smell, touch, awe).  I'm transported by its Southwestern pace. Vast spaces encompassed by simple lines... everybody DOES need a ROCK!"

Jamie Lechner

Picture Book Month Submission
The Spider and the Fly Poem by Mary Howitt / Illustrations by Tony DiTerlizzi

"I’ve read so many children’s books that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but The Spider and the Fly is definitely high on my list. DiTerlizzi’s noir illustrations in this edition and Howitt’s delightfully sinister cautionary tale create an ooky spooky perfect picture book for November."

Shay Mains

Picture Book Month Submission
Flora and the Flamingo Written and Illustrated by Molly Idle

"A charming wordless picture book that explores the dance of friendship between a young girl and a flamingo. Exquisite illustrations and fun flaps make this book engaging and delightful."

Adeline Miller

Picture Book Month Submission
Professional Crocodile Written by Giovanna Zobol / Illustrations by Mariachiara di Giorgio

"They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but the moment I saw this book I knew I would love it. Professional Crocodile only gets better, as Zoboli and di Giorgio pack every illustration with details of Crocodile's commute through the city. But what is Crocodile's job? Read this charming wordless book to find the unexpected and hilarious answer."

Matthew Tessmer

Picture Book Month Submission
What Do you Do with a Kangaroo? Written and Illustrated by Mercer Mayer

"I enjoy this book because this girl takes charge and doesn’t let anyone else sleep in her bed, eat her breakfast or use her toothbrush.  She also learns when it’s not worth fighting anymore and it’s time to share. Whimsical illustrations give this book something for the whole family to enjoy."

Julia Tenor

Picture Book Month Submission
‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving Written and Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

"The very first time I read this, I knew this would become one of my holiday favorites. When the children arrive at Farmer Mack Nugget's turkey farm, the fun begins. And with the help of the children, the turkeys have a very Happy Thanksgiving."

Cathy Timar

Picture Book Month Submission
Froggy Gets Dressed Written and Illustrated by Jonathan London

"This is a great book for readers looking for something that’s funny and silly. Froggy’s forgetfulness and his mother’s reminders will make readers excited to find out what happens next. I like this book because it’s relatable, I often tend to forget something right when I leave my house."

Phoua Yang