OPL Board Meeting - June 29, 2023

Oshkosh Public Library Board of Trustees
Agenda –   June 29, 2023

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Call to Order - 4:00 PM    
Public Comments    
Consent Agenda: YES 175-181
1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 25, 2023    
2  Minutes of the Board Ad Hoc Director Recruitment Committee Meeting of June 7 Meeting.    
3. Vouchers Payable - $314,365.15    
Items Removed from Consent Agenda    
New Business    
4. Guest:  Oshkosh City Manager, Mark Rohloff will discuss the new state shared revenue law, the 2024 budget outlook and answer questions from the board about these and other topics. NO  

5. Director search proposal: The Library Board’s ad hoc Director Recruitment Committee has recommended engaging Bradbury Miller Associates to facilitate the hiring of a new director. Support for these services was approved by the Library Board from carryover balance at the May 25 meeting. The Executive Search Proposal is included in this packet.

Action requested: Decide whether to accept the recommendation of the ad hoc committee.

YES 182-196
6. Proposed change to Library Rules of Behavior: Interim Directors’ memo outlines a revision of Rule #7 in the Exterior and Interior Rules of Behavior regarding smoking on library property. Proposed revisions are in this packet.
Action requested: Decide whether to approve the revisions to the Interior and Exterior Rules of Behavior.
YES 197-198
7. Election of Library Board officers for 2023-2024 - Library bylaws call for election of officers (President and Vice-President) at the July regular meeting each year. No slate is prepared as Nominating Committee was not appointed.

Action recommended: Either take nominations from the floor and hold the election, or table the election until a Nominating Committee may be convened. Both methods have been used by the board in the past.

Action requested: Decide how to move forward with election of officers.

8. Appointments to Board officer Nominating Committee for 2022-2023 – Alternative if floor nominations are not chosen for election.    
Informational Items: NO 199-207
9. Revenues    
10. .Regular Expenditures   Endowment Fund Expenditures    
11 .Library Highlights    
12. Monthly Statistics    
13 Donations    
14. Personnel Changes    
Library Director's Report NO  
Future Agenda Items NO  
Trustee Reports and Comments NO  
Adjournment YES  
Next Scheduled Meeting:      
    July 27, 2023 at 4:00 PM