OPL Advantage

We’re giving you an Advantage!
Oshkosh Public Library readers who love eBooks and downloadable audio books have more copies of popular titles available to them through our Overdrive Advantage service.

What is the Advantage?
Oshkosh Public Library and the other libraries in the Winnefox Library System purchase extra copies of popular eBooks and downloadable audiobooks. These copies are available only to the 30 Winnefox libraries. That means:

  • Fewer readers competing for these titles.
  • Less waiting for the holds you place.

How do I use Advantage?
When you visit the Wisconsin Digital Library page on the OPL web site, make sure you are signed in to your account (upper right-hand corner of the page). Once you are signed in, the "Advantage" symbol will be displayed when you click on the book covers or search a category (mystery, romance, fiction, etc.).

Find more information about downloading eBooks and audiobooks, call 236-5205 or visit the 2nd floor Reference Desk at the library.

eReader gift
Oshkosh Public Library has free eBooks and audio books for you to download to your new device!

  • Visit the Download Books page to see our collection of eBooks and downloadable audio books.
  • They’re free—all you need is a library card!
  • Get personal assistance downloading library eBooks or sign up for a small-group session. Call 236-5205 or visit the 2nd floor Reference Desk.
  • Oshkosh Public Library readers have an Advantage: We offer extra copies of popular eBooks and downloadable audio books so there’s less competition and waiting for the books you want to read.

Giving someone an eReader or tablet for Christmas? Share the joy of free eBooks from the library!
Print out a certificate!