May 2021 Staff Picks

Hot Summer Reads
We're so excited to introduce you to some buzz-worthy titles for your summer reading list! Most of these books are currently on order and will be available to borrow in May and June 2021. Place your holds today.
(Thanks to Readers Advisory Librarian Nancy for creating this sizzling list! Watch Shelf Selected on Facebook Live every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. for more great recommendations from Nancy.)

People We Meet on Vacation
by Emily Henry (Romance)
Poppy is a travel writer living in New York City; Alex is a teacher in their Ohio hometown. They have an opposites-attract best friendship, and while they’re separated by distance, for the last ten out of 12 years they’ve taken a summer vacation together. The last two years they haven’t spoken because of a mysterious falling out on their last vacation. Poppy convinces Alex to take one last trip to fix their friendship, and it’s a rom-com, we know what happens next: they fall in love. Based on Henry’s writing in Beach Read, this will be a glorious slow-burn romance with lots of banter in the friends-to-lovers trope, and a fun, upbeat read!  

Project Hail Mary
by Andy Weir (Science Fiction)
As a lover of The Martian, I’m excited for another hard science fiction/astronaut survival story by Weir. Ryland Grace is a disgraced microbiologist turned middle school science teacher turned reluctant astronaut. He's out to save the world from an impending catastrophe. Grace awakens from a coma in a spaceship with no memories about himself, his crewmates, or his mission. Switching between Ryland’s backstory with information about the mission, and his current fight for survival, Weir builds suspense and tension with plot twists (broken up with humor) until the unexpected ending.

The Plot
by Jean Hanff Korelitz (Mystery/Thriller)
Jacob Finch Bonner is living the life he always thought he should be living. He’s met the love of his life and his latest novel sold 2 million copies in nine months. Then he starts receiving threats and accusations. The problem? The accusations are true: Jacob stole the plot from a student in his creative writing course after they suddenly died.  Jacob’s perfect life starts unraveling and we’re along for an “ingeniously twisty” ride according to Publishers Weekly.

Our Woman in Moscow
by Beatriz Williams (Historical Fiction)
Twelve years ago was the last time Ruth Macallister saw her sister Iris. Four years ago, Iris disappeared.  Now there’s a postcard from her sister, an FBI agent with questions, and a plan to travel undercover to Moscow.  Set in the Cold War Era, and the majority in Russia, the book is full of intrigue and espionage with slowly unveiled secrets and complex family relationships.  As always, a beautifully written and transportive Beatriz Williams novel will be in high demand.

Malibu Rising
by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Historical Fiction)
This is a story about family. It just happens to be an extremely famous one with a group of celebrity siblings who throw legendary annual parties in Malibu. The story flips between the parents’ love story in the 1950s, and the present day party in 1983. With various character arcs, foreshadowed disaster, and big climactic scenes, it’s sure to be a page turner!  Also, can you believe that something set in 1983 is considered historical fiction?

Riveting reads that will appeal to a teen audience any time of the year!

Brave Girl, Quiet Girl
by Catherine Ryan Hyde
When homeless teen Molly finds a baby strapped in a car seat abandoned by car jackers on the sidewalk in Los Angeles, Molly vows to do everything she can to keep the baby safe from some men who want to hold the baby for ransom. When the infant is reunited with its mother, Brooke, Molly feels a sense of loss, as well as confusion over Brooke’s seeming ungratefulness. Brooke, sensing she judged Molly too quickly, strikes up an unlikely friendship with the teen as they discover they have more in common than love for the baby. This adult title with a teen protagonist is a good summer read for older young adults.

You Should See Me In A Crown
by Leah Johnson
Money is scarce since the death of her mother, but Liz is determined to escape her small Indiana town by getting a music scholarship to attend an elite college where she plans to study medicine. When the scholarship falls through, anti-social Liz realizes the only way to keep her dream alive is to compete for a scholarship given to the prom king and queen. Anxiety attacks and falling in love with another prom queen contender are just two of the obstacles in her way. Themes include racism and homosexuality in this Stonewall Book honor recipient.

Thanks to our children's librarians for a great list of summer reads for kids!

Picture Books
Miss Turie’s Magic Creatures
by Joy Keller                                                                                                                                     
Looking for a new pet? Don’t be shy! Come right into Miss Turie’s shop and discover which magical pet is best for you.

Zonia’s Rain Forest
by Juana Martinez-Neal
Soft, colorful illustrations depict the rain forest home of Zonia. Zonia finds beauty as she plays in the rain forest around her home until one day she discovers something frightening she has never seen before.

When Cloud Became a Cloud
by Rob Hodgson
Take to the skies and float along with cloud as she moves and transforms through the stages of the water cycle creating rain, snow, and thunderstorms. This humorous weather book entertains as it teaches!

Chapter Books

Ways to Make Sunshine 
by Renee Watson 
Award-winning author, Watson, offers the story of fourth-grader, Ryan Hart, who is as positive as they come. She has her share of troubles but has a special ability to “make something where there was nothing.” Inspirational! 

Greystone Secrets: The Messengers 
by Margaret Peterson Haddix 
Get wrapped up in mystery and otherworldliness in this final book of the Greystone Secrets trilogy. The Greystone kids are ready to take on mysterious forces that have taken their mother and other people they know into an alternate world. In this volume, coins appear and communicate in code from this other reality! Readers will root for the kids as they work together on their common mission.

by Alan Gratz
From the author of the highly popular book, Refugee, this story is a gripping tale about teenaged soldiers and spies who were part of the Allies D-Day invasion. Put yourself in their shoes as they grapple with fear, courage and uniting with the larger mission of the Allies.