July 2019 Library Board Meeting

Oshkosh Public Library Board of Trustees
Agenda – July 25, 2019
Library Lower Level Meeting Room, 106 Washington Avenue

Call to Order:  4:00 p.m    
Friends of the Library Report NO  
Consent Agenda: YES 186-190
1. Minutes of the regular meeting of June 27, 2019    
2. Vouchers Payable $271,199.26    
3. Allocate expenditure of $100 from the Oshkosh Public Library Memorial Trust Fund to recognize library board service of    Kristy Bradish    
New Business:    
4. Election of library board officers - Library bylaws call for election of officers (President and Vice-President) at the July regular meeting each year. No slate is prepared as Nominating Committee was not appointed in time.  Action recommended: Either take nominations from the floor and hold the election, or table the election until a Nominating Committee may be convened. Both methods have been used by the board in the past. YES  
5. Appointments to board officer Nominating Committee for 2019-2020 YES  
6. Appointments to board Finance Committee for 2019-2020 YES  
7. Appointments to Director Compensation Committee for 2019-2020 YES  
8. Proposed changes to library table of organization: This meeting’s board packet includes a memo from the Director proposing several changes to the library organization. Action requested: Decide whether to approve proposed changes YES 191-193
9. Proposed Position Descriptions: Position descriptions for Head of Information Services and Community Engagement Librarian are offered for the board’s consideration. Action requested: Decide whether to approve the proposed position descriptions. YES 194-207
10. 2020 Library Operating Budget Proposal – library board consultation and direction: Included in this meeting’s board packet is a memo from the Director to the board, summarizing elements of the 2020 budget picture, as known on 14 July 2019. Action requested: Provide guidance to the Library Director in advance of required submission to the City of Oshkosh on 19 August 2019. YES   208
Informational Items: NO 209-224
11. Revenues    
12. Expenditures    
13. Library Highlights    
14. Monthly Statistics    
15. Donations    
16. Personnel Changes    
17. Strategic Action Plan Report - July 2019    
Library Director’s Report NO  
18. ILS merger talks with OWLS and Nicolet library systems    
Trustee Reports and Comments NO  
Next Scheduled Meeting    
August 29, 2019 at 4 p.m.