Library Board Meeting ~ March 28 2013

Oshkosh Public Library
Thursday, March 28, 2013
(920) 236-5210 (for absences)
4:00 p.m.

I.       Call to Order

II.      Public Comments

III.     Minutes
         A. Regular Meeting February 28, 2013

IV.     Report of the Director

         A.   Financial Reports
               1.   Bills for Approval
                     a. February 2013 Regular Vouchers Payable                        $249,726.97
                     b. February 2013 Special Fund Vouchers Payable               $    1,318.99
               2.   February 2013 Statement of Revenue
               3.   February 2013 Statement of Expenditures

         B.  Library Highlights

         C.  Oshkosh Public Library 2012 Annual Report

         D.  2012 Trust Fund Reports

         E.  2013 Trust Fund Spending Recommendations

         F.  Miscellaneous Reports
              1.  Personnel Changes
              2.  Board Appointments 
              3.  February Statistics Report 
              4.  February Donations Report

V.   Closed Session:  Pursuant to Wisconsin statutes Section 19.85(1)(c)  in order to conduct the annual evaluation of the Director.
VI.    Other Business 

VII.    Adjournment

A. Library Highlights
B. Oshkosh Public Library 2012 Annual Report
C. 2012 Trust Funds Reports
D. 2013 Trust Fund Spending Recommendations
E. February Donations Report
F. February Statistics Report