Library Acronyms & Terms

ALA - American Library Association
The national professional association for librarians. The organization includes many divisions and roundtables such as the Public Library Association and the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable.

AV - Audiovisual
An umbrella term for audio and video recordings.

AWSL - Association of Wisconsin Special Librarians
The division of WLA which focuses on special librarians or librarians who manage specialized collection of materials.

A program of the state that funds and provides access to a variety of high-quality commercial databases, such as magazine and newspaper indexes and online encyclopedias and children's material. The access is free to Wisconsin citizens.

The state's high-speed telecommunication network. It uses funds from TEACH to subsidize the cost of the network to some participants, including libraries. WALS uses the BadgerNet network to connect its participating libraries to each other and to the internet.

CCBC - Cooperative Children's Book Center
A preview center where children's librarians can go to look at the latest children's books, as well as examine special subject collections.

CE - Continuing Education
An umbrella term for workshops and seminars.

COLAND - Council on Library and Network Development
The state level advisory group, appointed by the Governor, which makes policy and activity recommendations on library services to the Wisconsin Division for Libraries and Community Learning. It is composed of both citizen and librarian members.

DLT - Division for Libraries and Technology
Tthe State of Wisconsin agency that coordinates the activities of the state's 17 public library systems, supervises system compliance with the state library laws, and distributes the state aid for library systems. Part of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

DPI - Department of Public Instruction
The State of Wisconsin Department that advances public education and libraries in Wisconsin.

A federal program for providing subsidies to schools and libraries for telecommunication access and service. The funds for the program is from assessments made to telephone companies.

FVLC - Fox Valley Library Council
The multiple library organization established in the Winnefox Library System and the Outagamie Waupaca Library System areas to promote cooperation among all types of libraries and information centers in the Fox Valley area. Its major purpose is to facilitate resource sharing.

ILL - Interlibrary Loan
The method by which one library borrows materials from another, either within the library system, or from libraries around the state and nation.

ISBN - International Standard Book Number
This number appears in most published materials, is supposed to be unique to that title and is frequently require when ordering a book.

ISP - Internet Service Provider
The ISP for Winnefox is WiscNet.

ISSN - International Standard Serials Number
An eight-digit identifier of reference for serial publications/magazines.

LC - Library of Congress
The national library for the United States of America.

LMS - Library Media Specialist
A certified teacher who has a library media specialist license and teaches in a school library media center.

LSTA - Library Services and Technology Act
The major source of federal funds for the Winnefox Library System. The Division for Libraries Technology and Community Learning establishes grant categories, evaluates the competitive grant applications, and distributes the funds.

MARC - Machine Readable Cataloging
A standard for computerized cataloging records for automated library systems.

MLIS - Master of Library and Information Science
The master's degree that is required for a professional librarian position.

NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities
Funded by Congress, this is the source of funds for programming in the humanities. Most of the funds are allotted to the Wisconsin Humanities Council for distribution in the state.

NLW - National Library Week
A week in April that celebrates the contributions of libraries and librarians, and promotes library use and support.

OCLC - Online Computer Library Center
An international computerized database that contains the holdings of libraries around the world. It is the database used by OPL and Winnefox to catalog material and to get computer records for the database used by the WALS libraries for the shared catalog. The OCLC database is also used to verify and locate interlibrary loan materials.

OPL - Oshkosh Public Library

OWLS - Outagamie Waupaca Library System
Our neighboring library system in Outagamie and Waupaca counties, with headquarters in Appleton.

PL - Public Library

PLA - Public Library Association
A division of ALA which focuses on public libraries.

RDA - Resource Description and Access
A standard for cataloguing that provides instructions and guidelines on formulating data for resource description and discovery.

RLL&LL - Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning
A division of the Department of Public Instruction that provides reference and interlibrary loan referral services, loans materials from the collection, develops online resource sharing tools such as WISCAT, BadgerLink, the Wisconsin Digital Archives, and other online resources, and manages statewide contracts.

A library software company headquartered in Lehi, Utah. It is the developer of the online catalog and circulation software used by WALS libraries.

SLIS - School of Library and Information Studies
The library school at UW-Madison.

SLMC - School Library Media Center
A school library that provides multimedia instructional materials for students and serves as the center and coordinating agency for all materials used in the school.

SLP - Summer Library Program
An umbrella term for the activities and programs which occur at public libraries for children during the summer.

SRLAAW - System and Resource Library Administrators' Association of Wisconsin
The organization of directors of library systems and resource libraries in Wisconsin.

TEACH - Technology for Educational Achievement in Wisconsin
A state telecommunication access program and mechanism to provide discounted BadgerNet services to schools and libraries. It is partly funded by the state and by federal funds using the E-RATE program.

United for Libraries
American Library Association division designed to help Trustees and Friends work together at the local, state, and national levels to effectively promote and advocate for libraries.

UWEX - University of Wisconsin Extension
Through the University of Wisconsin-Extension, all residents of Wisconsin can access university resources and engage in lifelong learning, wherever they live and work.

WAAL - Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians
The WLA division for academic libraries.

WALS - Winnefox Automated Library Services
The WLS service program under which the Sirsi shared automated system is operated. The automated system includes the circulation and online catalog software. WALS also provides and supports the telecommunication network linking the participating libraries and provides Internet access and PC support. WiscNet is the Internet service provider for WALS. BadgerNet and FoxNet provide parts of the telecommunications network. There are currently 25 WLS libraries on the WALS network and 20 libraries that are fully automated.

WAPL - Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries
The division of WLA which focuses on public library staff and services.

WCTS - Winnefox Cooperative Technical Services
A WLS service program that provides cooperative library material selection, acquisitions, and cataloging, rotating collections, and consulting services to its members. The County Plans of Green Lake, Marquette, and Waushara counties provide funding for cooperative services to the WCTS member libraries.

WEMA - Wisconsin Educational Media Associaiton
An independent professional association of library media specialists and instructional technology professionals in Wisconsin.

WiLS - Wisconsin Library Services
A consortium of over 500 Wisconsin libraries that offers services in the area such as shared bibliographic information, resource sharing, cooperative purchasing, and
in-service training. It operates an interlibrary loan network and brokers OCLC services. Winnefox is a WILS member.

Wiscat - Wisconsin Catalog
A statewide union catalog provides one way Wisconsin's libraries discover and share materials through interlibrary loan.

The internet service provider for Winnefox and most of the schools, colleges, universities and other public library systems in Wisconsin. It is located at the UW Madison campus and maintains a high speed network connecting its members to the rest of the internet.

WLA - Wisconsin Library Association
The state's professional organization for librarians and library board members. It has four main divisions AWSL, WAAL, WAPL, WLTA.

WLS - Winnefox Library System
A library system consisting of Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette, Waushara, and Winnebago counties.

WLTF - Wisconsin Library Trustees & Friends
A division of the Wisconsin Library Association organized to foster improved abilities on the part of library trustees, Friends & advocates.

A library catalog that connects you to library collections worldwide and includes the holdings of the Winnefox Library System.

WPLC - Wisconsin Public Library Consortium
A consortium of Wisconsin public libraries and public library systems organized to provice access to a collection of electronically published materials in a wide range of subjects, from expensive reference titles to recreational reading materials, which they may access from home, work or school or from any library in the Consortium.

YA - Young Adult

YSS - Youth Services Section
The unit of WLA which addresses the concerns of library staff who serve children and young adults. Formerly CYASS.