Josiah for President

Could an Amish man become the leader of the United States?  After leaving the presidential race, former Congressman Mark Stedman meets Josiah Stoltzfus in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Was it divine intervention that made the two gentlemen meet?  Spending a few days with Josiah and his family, Mark realizes that maybe someone with common sense, not a career politican would be best for the country.  First he needs to convince Josiah to run for president and then convince America that he is the best candidate.  Readers learn about Josiah, his Amish values and family he treasures so much.  Throw in the career politican who only thinks about himself and not the people he should be representing to add to this story.  There is, to this reader, a very unexpected ending to the book.   A delight to read and makes you think - could it ever happen?