Instructions for using Beanstack Winter 2021

Where will reading take you this winter?
Dec. 20 – Feb. 26, 2022
Register. Read. Rewards.

  • Information Services Department - 236-5205
  • Children's Department - 236-5208

Track your reading and activities online using Beanstack or request a printed tracking log at one of the library's service desks.

What are the benefits of using Beanstack?

  • One-time Registration: Once you have a Beanstack account, you’ll be able to register for new challenges without having to go through the registration process again.
  • Barcode Scanner: Scan barcodes to quickly add titles to your log.
  • Reading Session Timer: Record reading sessions to keep track of what you’re reading.
  • Reading Stats: View totals and averages of your time spent reading and titles read.
  • Family Accounts: Manage each member of your family’s reading log and view their stats.
  • Reading Streaks: Track multiple days of reading in a row!

Sign up on your smartphone or tablet using the Beanstack

  • Search for Beanstack Tracker on the App Store or Google Play store. Download to your device.
  • Click Get Started.
  • Click on the purple button marked Find Your School or Library.
  • Search for Oshkosh Public Library. Tap the library name to get to the login screen.
  • Click on Don’t Have an Account? Sign Up! to get to the registration screen. 
  • Create Username and Password
  • Personal Information: First Name and Last Name
  • Contact Information: Both email and phone number are optional, but it is recommended that you include email for easy password reset and to be notified if you win a prize.
  • You DO NOT need to enter your library card number. Click continue.
  • After the account has been created, there is the option to either Fill Out My Reader Profile  (this must be completed if the account holder wants to participate in a reading challenge) or Add A Reader (for a family account with the parent not participating in a reading challenge). You can always update the account profile to participate in challenges or to add additional readers.
  • With either completing or adding a reader profile, you will need to enter age, grade, school and library. You'll also have the option to add a profile picture and receive weekly book recommendations.

Register on a desktop or laptop
Go to

Register as an Individual

  • Select I am registering myself.
  • Only use this option if you have your own email and do not want to be part of a family account.
  • You will log in and track independently.
  • An individual account can’t be added to an existing family account without losing progress and prizes earned.

Logging your reading

Logging can be done on any page with the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.
There are five methods for logging reading:

1. Scan Title ISBN (Requires access to device camera).

2. Manually enter ISBN.

3. Search Recently Logged Titles.

4. Manually enter title info.

5. Log a day, minutes, or pages only.

Reading sessions

1. To activate a reading session, tap a title from the reading list (Note: the item must be added first before starting a reading session) Then tap Log Reading.

2. Tap the green Start a Reading Session button and a timer will appear.

3. Once finished with reading session, tap Done.

4. Follow the prompts to enter pages and mark whether the book was completed, then tap Finish.

Writing reviews

  • You have the option to write a review anytime you log minutes.
  • Reviews must be between 25-100 words.
  • Library staff moderate the reviews before they are publicly posted through Beanstack.

You may also click on the Reviews Badge to write a review at any time.

Logging your activities

  • Log into your Beanstack account.
  • Scroll down and click on the activity badge you would like to start.
  • Check off the activities as you complete them.
  • For the Broad Reader Badge, enter the title and author of the book you read for each activity in the space provided.
  • For the Library Power User Badge, you can click on the links provided to complete the activity.

Register children & families

  • Select I am an adult registering a child.
  • Everyone in a family can access the account with the same username and password.
  • Each member can track progress and earn prizes at their own pace.
  • Each member is automatically entrolled in the right program based on age and grade in the fall.
  • Adults do not have to sign themselves up to log minutes. You can have just children on the family account.
  • Adults, your logged activities and reading (including reading to your children) earn you entries in prize drawings!