Final Alex Rider Novel

Russian Roulette by Anthony HorowitzYes, I know this is a children's/young adult book, but this adult loved the series.  Anthony Horowtiz has been writing Alex Rider books since 2001 starting with Stormbreaker.  His main character is a 14 year old British boy who becomes a spy for M16.  His deceased parents and uncle were members and he becomes forced to join the espionage ranks.   "Russian Roulette" is the eighth and final Alex Rider book.  Horowitz takes you back to the beginning of the Alex Rider's story.  Readers learn about Yassen Gregorovich who eventually became Alex's enemy.  This is Yassen's story - a Russian youth on his own, parents gone and living the streets.  How did Yassen become the assassin he is?  All of the Alex Rider books are fast paced and action packed.  Recommended for kids and adults.