February 27, 2020 Library board meeting

Oshkosh Public Library Board of Trustees
Agenda –  February 27, 2020
Library Lower Level Meeting Room, 106 Washington Avenue

Call to Order:  4:00 p.m    
Public Comments    
Consent Agenda: YES 23-27
1. Minutes of the regular meeting of January 30, 2020    
2. February 2020 vouchers payable totaling $205,108.50    
New Business    
Informational Items: NO 28-40
3. Revenues    
4.  Expenditures    
5.  Library Highlights    
6.  Monthly Statistics    
7. Donations    
8. Personnel Changes    
9. Trust Funds for Library Excellence: 2019 Q4/Year-End Report    
Library Director's Report NO  
10. Library trustee term expirations:  Terms of service on the library board expire on May 31, 2020 for city appointees Bill Bracken, Bob Biebel, and Kim Molitor.  The term of service is also ending for county appointee Larry Lautenschlager.  City appointments are made by the mayor with the approval of the council.  County appointments are made by the county executive with the approval of the board of supervisors.  Please inform the Director if you wish to be re-appointed.    
Trustee Reports and Comments NO  
Next Scheduled Meeting:  March 26, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.