February 2019 Staff Picks

A special thank you to librarians and staff for putting together a lovely list of recommendations.

In sticking to the theme of "love" for February, what immediately came to mind was a beautiful book entitled Marrow: A Love Story by Elizabeth Lesser. The love defined in this memoir encompasses all the elements of unconditional. It’s the true-life tale of sisters, one of whom needs the ultimate gift. To pave the way for complete acceptance of the bone marrow needed to live, old hurts need to be healed. Long held misunderstandings are untangled, creating a path for deeper healing. This story is both heartbreaking and spiritually empowering, offering hope even in the face of death. Through these sisters, we learn what it takes to love to the marrow.

Love can be expressed in many ways and one of my personal favorites is through cooking. I particularly enjoy the way Shauna Niequist shares her love of family, community and food through the delightful book called Bread and Wine: A love letter to life around the table.  More than physical hunger can be nourished when you gather loved ones together for a meal. Shauna excels at this and makes it sound easy when you cook with pure intent. Recipes included!

Opposite of Always
by Justin A. Reynolds
When Jack’s girlfriend Kate dies, Jack is transported back in time to the moment they met. After several failed attempts to save her, Jack finally succeeds - only to cause the death of someone else he cares about. Suddenly, Jack is faced with the dilemma of who to save and what is right. This time-travel love story might break your heart, but you’ll love it anyway.

American Royals
by Katharine McGee
In an alternate history, George Washington was given a crown and in present day, the House of Washington still rules America. This story follows the love, lives and lies of the next three in line for the crown: Princess Beatrice, Princess Samantha, and Prince Jefferson. If you love a juicy drama, you will devour American Royals.

 Alex, Approximately
by Jenn Bennett
Bailey is torn between her two crushes: a guy she knows online as Alex and her handsome (but frustrating coworker) Porter. Bailey doesn’t realize how simple her choice is, because Porter is Alex. This contemporary romance will make you giddy with happiness.

They Both Die at the End
by Adam Silvera
In this romance with a sprinkling of science fiction, teens Mateo and Rufus learn that they will die within 24 hours. Rather than die alone, they decide to meet and spend their last day together. Their friendship quickly blossoms into something more. If you couldn’t tell by the title, you might want to grab a box of tissues for this one. 

Picture Books
Yak and Dove
by Kyo Maclear
This book is truly humorous and touching. Two different creatures are dear friends. Follow their unexpected adventures with laughter and love. Engaging illustrations add to the charming humor. 

I’ve Loved You Since Forever
by Hoda Kotb
Beautiful and poetic, this book celebrates the love between parents and children. 

by Holly Hobby
This prolific picture book author has created a sweet, if prickly, little porcupine who wants to have more friends to share his love. Little readers will find a friend in Elmore. 

Chapter Books
by Wendy Mass
A magical tale with a theme of friendship. Bob is a strange creature who is counting on Livy to keep her promise to help him find where he came from.  From changing perspectives to humor, mystery and magic, there are lots of elements to keep younger chapter book readers hooked. 

The Mighty Miss Malone
by Christopher Paul Curtis
Deza Malone is a gifted child who holds great promise, but it is the Depression and her father must leave the family to seek work, which is doubly challenging for an African American man. The family’s stability is put on hold while they try to catch up with Deza’s father. Her strong character and love of family are beautifully portrayed in this much needed perspective of the American experience.      

The Science of Breakable Things
by Tae Keller
Natalie approaches things in a scientific manner. While thinking about entering an egg-drop competition, she decides to try to find a solution to her mother’s depression with a similar approach. She learns a good deal about love, hope and lightening your load along the way.