Enchanted Creature Buddies

Ages preschool to 5th Grade
Start by creating your 3-D creature. It can be your own creation or based on ideas like these.

Then participate in up to three ways:

1. Storyteller Creature - Name your creature and share its story. What does it like or not like? Does it have friends? Does it have special powers? 
Click here to submit your story and photo. Your creature and its unique story will be posted on the library’s website!

2. Kindness Creature – Have your creature perform an act of kindness. Take a picture or write about what they did. Click here for the submission form. Need ideas? Click here. These will be featured on the library’s website!

3. Movie Star Creature – Let us feature your creature in a stop motion video! Safely drop it off by Tues., Aug. 11 at the Children’s Service Desk or call 920-236-5208 to arrange for curbside drop off of your creature. The video will be uploaded to the library’s YouTube channel by the end of August.

Resources for Inspiration
Here are some websites, videos, eBooks and print books about magical and mythical creatures to inspire you. You may place holds on any of the print books through the library. You will get a call from the library to arrange a curbside pick-up appointment.. 


A Writer’s List of Mythical Creatures and Beings 
by Bryn Donovan  

The History of Gnomes 
Curious Historian  


10 Magical Facts about Unicorns 
Mental Floss 

Pokemon Creature Database (Click on a character to find out its powers)  

YouTube Videos
The Origins and History of Elves 

Mermaids: The myth comes to life  

Mermaids: The Enchanting Sea Creatures - Mythological Bestiary  

Why Is Everyone Still So Obsessed with Unicorns? 
The Cut  

Unicorns, West and East 
American Museum of Natural History 

Elves and the Shoemaker 


Available on Hoopla 

Mythic Gods and Magical Creatures
by Baby Professor 
Part of the Children's Norse Folktales series 
Folktales are historical materials that influence your cultural memory. Think of them as free passes to the past.  

Curious Creatable Creatures: 22 STEAM Projects That Magnetize, Glide, Slingshot, and Sometimes Scootch 
by Sam Haynor
Experiment, learn, and imagine as you make the 20+ bubbling, honking and illuminating projects in Curious Creatable Creatures.  

Capture Creatures Graphic Novel Series
by Frank Gibson 
Issues #1-4 
More than one hundred strange creatures with incredible powers have suddenly appeared on Earth! It's up to two teens to keep these creatures safe and discover their origins. 

by Sean O'Reilly, Mark Poulton 
Illustrated by Munro Te Whata 
Part of the Mythical Creatures graphic novel series 
Getting lost in the Canadian wilderness, Eru befriends Gwaii and a Patupaiarehe, who help him track down the mystical Raven to get back home. During their journey, they encounter some creatures from the rich mythology of Canada and New Zealand.  

by Sue Gagliardi 
Part of the Mythical Creatures series 
Did you know that fairies are also known as Little Folk? In some legends, they have a king or a queen and live in a place called Fairyland.

by Theresa Jarosz Alberti 
Part of the Mythical Creatures series 
Did you know that mermaids live alongside other sea creatures? In most stories, they are shy and tend to hide from humans.

Available on Overdrive 

Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures 
by Maggie Stiefvater 

The Creature Department Series, Book 1 
The Creature Department 

by Robert Paul Weston  

Print Books  
Fantasy Encyclopedia  
by Judy Allen  

Fantastical Creatures and Magical Beasts 
by Shannon Knudsen  

A Field Guide to Griffins, Unicorns and Other Mythical Beasts 
by A. J. Sautter 

An Illustrated Guide to Mythical Creatures
by Anita Ganeri 

A Very Short, Entirely True History of Unicorns 
by Sarah Laskow  

The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook
by Selwyn E. Phipps 

Fairy Houses  

Click here for lots of fairy house books and guides.

by Jennifer Guess McKerley 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them  
by J. K. Rowling  

How to Train Your Dragon series
by Cressida Cowell 

The Fairy Ring: Or Elsie and Frances Fool the World  
by Mary Losure 
Reserve the Print or Audio book  

Fairies: A Spotter’s Handbook  
by Alsion Maloney  

The Elves and the Shoemaker  
by Jacob Grimm 

Picture Books  

Ten Magic Butterflies 
by Danica McKellar  

Ginny Goblin is not Allowed to Open this Box
by David Goodner 

Backyard Fairies 
by Phoebe Wahl 

Fairy Houses 
by Tracy L. Kane  

Ideas Acts of Kindness for your Magical Creature to Perform. Can you think of other kind deeds?

  1. Make a few hearts and write something special about someone on each one. Put a note on top telling them to pick a heart when they need a pick-me-up. Sign it with your creature’s name. Place the box somewhere they will find it. 
  2. Make a kindness jar for your whole house. Decorate it and place colorful slips of paper inside that each have an encouraging message. Put a note on top telling them to pick a heart when they need a pick-me-up. Sign it with your creature’s name.  
  3. Leave bubbles on your neighbor’s or friend’s doorstep. Attach a note from your creature. 
  4. Make a handmade gift or card to leave on your neighbor’s or friend’s doorstep.
  5. Send thank you notes to other community helpers.
  6. Do a chore or job around the house and leave a note saying it was done by the magical creature.
  7. Write down a joke and leave it in a place someone will find it.
  8. Leave happy notes or jokes on hearts around town.
  9. Make some kindness stones with encouraging words and leave them somewhere for others to find.