Down Memory Lane

Toy Time!: from Hula Hoops to He-Man to Hungry Hungry Hippos by Christoper ByrneDo you want to reminisce about your childhood and all those cool toys you had?  When did Etch-A-Sketch or Mouse Trap become invented?  "Toy Time!: from Hula Hoops to He-Man to Hungry Hungry Hippos," by Christopher Byrne is a delight to read and remember when.  The book is divided into eight chapters covering categories such as "Boys will be Boys", "Mom, Look what I Made" and "The True Classics."  Each toy has a "Why we loved it" and "Where is she/he/it now?   Some trivial facts can be found out about some toys:  Sears cancelled their original order for Twister saying it was't appropriate for kids and Trivial Pursuit was the result of an argument between two friends as to who was the better board game player.  One thing I didn't realize was that the Slip 'n Slide has been around since 1962.  So, after fighting the crowds for the hottest toy of the holiday season, sit back and think of those good old days playing with your Chatty Cathy, Mr. Machine or Hands Down.