"Double D" Biography

Driven by Donald Driver
Just finished an upcoming book on Wisconsin's beloved Donald Driver.  In "Driven: From homeless to hero, my journeys on and off Lambeau Field," Donald provides a look at his early life before his Packer career.  Wonderful story of perseverance and not letting his past stop him from his dreams.  He talks about his double life as a teenager - student during the day, selling crack and stealing cars at night.  Many father figures enter and left his life like a revolving door.  Football was something he loved and excelled at.  It was his ticket to his dreams.  As he acheived stardom on the field, he never forgot about family and the many fans he met.  After several years with the Packers, charity work became his focus to give back to those fans.  I've met Double D and he is a great role model for youth.  He also appreciates what he has now and doesn't take anything for granted.  Now he share his story with his many fans.