Creature Carnival Contest Winners 2023

Thank you to all the 2023 Creature Carnival Contest participants. Your imaginative creatures were scary, silly and spectacular. Your efforts show that the power of imagination is alive and well in Oshkosh. We hope that you had fun crafting, creating and dreaming!

Eve B.




Most Intricate
Alani P.

Most Original





Most Beautiful
Lily M.

Paisley V.

Gavin S.
















People’s Choice
Sofia P.

Age Category Winners
Thank you to HobbyTown Oshkosh for donating a $10 gift certificate to our first place winners and a $5 gift certificate to our second place winners.

2 - 4 years old

First Place
Freya. C.

Second Place
Yvonne K.

5 - 7 years old

First Place
Lucas L.

Second Place
Jack F.

8 - 10 years old

First Place
Justus K.

Second Place
Rojelio P.

11 - 13 years old

First Place
Faith S.

Second Place
Jacob S.

14 - 17 years old

First Place
Andreas Cerney