Creature Carnival 2022 Winners

Imaginations ran wild in this year's Creature Carnival! We think that even Frankenstein author Mary Shelley would be impressed with these creations!

5-7 yr-olds
Zoe Novak (6): Bat Cat 






Mateo De La Cruz (6): Webz 

8-10 yr-olds
Nina and Myles Meisel (10 & 7): Alphabot Mummy 






11-13 yr-olds 
Josiah Humbert (12): Spark Bugs 

14-18 yr-olds
Roland Shikoski (14): Potato Man

People’s Choice
James Humbert (10): Naga Creature 

Most Original
Everet Matthies (6): Fuzz Monsters 

Most Intricate
Natalie Humbert (15): Mountaib Skiebyrd 

Most Beautiful
Sully Novak (5): Franken Foxy 

Kamdyn Delfosse(6): Bat Bot 

Harper Hill (5): Keep Your Groove On 
Micaiah Humbert (8): Sea Dragon 

Sawyer Stine (7): Creepy Crawler