August 26, 2021 Library Board Meeting

Oshkosh Public Library Board of Trustees
Agenda –   August 26, 2021
Downstairs Meeting Room of Oshkosh Public Library


Call to Order:  4:00 p.m    
Public Comments    
Consent Agenda: YES 256-261
1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 29, 2021    
Vouchers Payable -  $304,513.22    
3. Fines and Fees Policy: Revise Section 1.a. of the policy to read as follows: “The maximum fine per item is $30.” The maximum fine limit approved at the July 29, 2021 meeting was $10. However, $30 is a system-wide amount within the Winnefox library automation system.  .  Note: Only page one of the policy, which contains the proposed revision, is reproduced in the meeting packet.    
Items Removed from Consent Agenda    
New Business    

4. Staff Guest: Victoria Sheehan, Children’s Library Assistant II, will introduce herself to the Board and describe the work she does to connect children and families with Library resources and services.

5. Temporary Library Rules of Behavior – COVID-19 Public Health Emergency: In light of increases in cases of infection with COVID-19 virus, the Director recommends requiring members of the public, age two or older, to properly wear faces masks when visiting the Library. The Oshkosh City Manager recently decided to require visitors to other city-owned public buildings to wear face masks. Library Board approval of this recommendation will align the Library with the rest of the City. YES 262-263
6. Library Board Meeting Format: The Director seeks guidance from the Board as to whether its will is to continue to meet in person or to return to virtual meetings via Zoom. YES  
7. Active Threat Training for Staff: The Director seeks permission from the Board to close the Library to the public on November 2, 2021, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. The Library will provide staff with education and training on responding to an active threat incident in the Library. The Oshkosh Police Department will conduct the education and training. YES  
8. 2022 Library Operating Budget Proposal: The Director’s 2022 budget memo and budget proposal detail for expenditures, personnel and revenue estimates are included in this month’s board packet. This proposal has been submitted to the City Manager. Action Requested: Discuss in preparation for possible revision after meeting with City Manager on September 16, 2021. YES 267-278
Informational Items: NO  
9.  Revenues     
10. Expenditures     
11.  Library Highlights     
12. Monthly Statistics     
13. Donations    
14. Personnel Changes    
15. Library Trust Funds for Excellence – 2nd Quarter 2021 Report    
Library Director's Report NO  
16.  William Waters Plaza NO  
17.  Trust Fund Transfers NO  
Future Agenda Items    
Trustee Reports and Comments NO  
Adjournment YES  
Next Scheduled Meeting:  September 30, 2021 at 4 PM