April 27, 2023

Oshkosh Public Library Board of Trustees
Agenda –   April 27, 2023

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Call to Order - 4:00 PM    
Public Comments    
Consent Agenda: YES 119-125
1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 30, 2023     
2. Vouchers Payable - $437,043.12    
3. 2024 Reimbursement for cross-county rural use – The Director’s recommendation for billing adjacent counties is detailed in a memo in this month’s packet.    
Items Removed from Consent Agenda    
New Business    
4. Staff Guest: Please welcome Marketing Coordinator Laura McDonald to your meeting. Laura will discuss the efforts underway to “tell the Library story” effectively.  NO  
5.  OPL-Winnefox Contractual Services / Compensation Agreement: Proposed revision to end the practice of having the Oshkosh Public Library Director serve also as the Winnefox Library System Director. Proposed reduction of the scheduled compensation by Winnefox to Oshkosh PL for the administrative services of its Director. Revising the agreements also requires approval of the Winnefox Library System Board. Action requested: Decide whether to approve the proposed changes to the Contractual and Compensation Agreements with Winnefox. YES 126-129

6.  Appointment of an ad hoc Director Recruitment Committee: Board President to appoint committee members with approval by the Board. If it is decided to retain the Joint Director model of administration, this committee would likely need to be supplemented by Winnefox Board members. Action requested: Decide whether to appoint members to an ad hoc Director Recruitment Committee.

7.  Interim Library Director: Director proposes appointment of Assistant Directors Ruth Percey and Lisa Voss to joint interim Library Director status until a new Library Director can be appointed. Action requested: Decide whether to appoint Ms. Percey and Ms. Voss as joint interim Library Directors. YES  
8.  Interim Library Director Compensation: Director proposes increasing hourly rate of appointed Interim Director(s) by 25% above hourly rate in current position, from 6-3-2023 until the end of the pay period in which falls the start date of a newly hired Library Director. YES  
9.  2024 Operating Budget Preparation Calendar: The City of Oshkosh 2024 Budget Preparation Calendar is included for the Board’s information. The Director suggests that the Board consider scheduling a Special meeting to consider the Library’s 2024 operating budget during the first week of August, 2023.  Yes 130
Informational Items: NO 131-143
10. Revenues    
11.Regular Expenditures   Endowment Fund Expenditures    
12 .Library Highlights    
13. Monthly Statistics    
14 Donations    
15. Personnel Changes    
16. OPL Strategic Action Plan:  Q1 2023 Update    
17. OACF Funds for Excellence  Q1 2023 Report    
Library Director's Report NO  
Trustee Reports and Comments NO  
Adjournment YES  
Next Scheduled Meeting:      
    May 25, 2023 at 4:00 PM