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Modern Lovecraft Tales

Modern H.P. Lovecraft fans are usually placed in an uncomfortable positon when talking about the influential pulp writer: love the atmosphere, comsic terror, and cephalodic monsters; bummed about the often overt racism and xenaphobia. Here are some modern takes on Lovecraft's mythos while also addressing some of the racial issues underlying the author's works. 

Under an Hour Books

Too busy to read this summer? Do look at the The Goldfinch's 700+ pages and think, "Why bother starting it? I'll never finish it." Ebook Friendly has a nifty infographic highlighting some books that can (potentially) be read in an hour or less! You can get access to most of these via our catalog in a variety of formats. I personally love the idea of a short read as a way to bust a reading slump or if you feel too overwhelmed by some of the Door Stoppers being published.

The Glory of Audiobooks with OverDrive

I had never really listened to audiobooks. They always took too long to finish and I inevitable got stuck with late fees when I failed to return the discs on time. I liked the idea of listen to them on long car or plane rides but it always seemed highly probable that I’d lose at least one of the disks somewhere along the way.  But recent life changes and the convenience of Overdrive have won me over.


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