Laptops & Lattes

You are invited to spend some quality time with us.

Bring your favorite coffee or cola and settle in to read a magazine or newspaper.

Sample a few books while you sip your latte or lemonade.
Need food to study?
Bring a snack, but pizza deliveries will not be accepted.

Responsible behavior is expected.

Access the OPL Wireless Network

The Oshkosh Public Library offers a WiFi hotspot to Internet service. Bring in your laptop or mobile device and take advantage of our free WiFi service. Users are expected to follow the library's Internet Access Policy, especially as it pertains to acceptable use in a public setting.

  • Internet access is provided via 802.11n wireless access points.
  • Compatible with 802.11n and 802.11g network cards.
  • Your laptop must be configured to use DHCP. Instructions are available to reset your laptop to use DCHP.
  • Beyond providing basic instructions, library staff cannot assist you with configuring your laptop or to troubleshoot individual problems. Stop at an information desk to receive instructions.
  • Detailed instructional brochure for wireless access at the library.

Wireless Printing is not available.  If you need to print, ask for help at a service desk.