Lucy's Book Mark

The Llama of Death

In Betty Webb’s new mystery, “The Llama of Death,” zookeeper Teddy Bentley discovers a dead body inside the llama pen, but surely sweet Alejandro couldn’t have stomped the man to death. When the acting sheriff jails Teddy’s socialite mother for the murder, she investigates. Animal lovers will enjoy the behind-the-scenes action in this zoo-based who-done-it. The third in the series, which starts with “Anteater of Death.”

Hit Me

Keller, a former hitman who last appeared in Lawrence Block’s “Hit and Run,” is now married with a small daughter and living in New Orleans. In Block’s latest novel, “Hit Me,” Keller has gone straight, and he and a partner are rehabbing property, but jobs have dried up in the construction business. When Dot, a former associate from his crime days, calls him up to offer him his old job back, Keller agrees to take on just one more client.


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