Lucy's Book Mark

Dorothy Parker's Ghost

In “Farewell, Dorothy Parker,” by Ellen Meister, movie critic Violet Epps can trade quips with the best of them. But when it comes to her private life, her spine turns to jelly. When she visits the famous Algonquin Hotel, she takes the guest book, signed by literary greats, along with her in a moment of confusion. When the ghost of her hero Dorothy Parker appears before her, complete with advice on how to manage her life, Violet resists.

The Llama of Death

In Betty Webb’s new mystery, “The Llama of Death,” zookeeper Teddy Bentley discovers a dead body inside the llama pen, but surely sweet Alejandro couldn’t have stomped the man to death. When the acting sheriff jails Teddy’s socialite mother for the murder, she investigates. Animal lovers will enjoy the behind-the-scenes action in this zoo-based who-done-it. The third in the series, which starts with “Anteater of Death.”


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